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BlogWhy An Integrated Marketing Campaign Is Essential

28th August 20170

Integrated Marketing Guide

There is a lot of talk about having an integrated marketing campaign yet few business owners seem to truly understand what this is. In this article, I will help you understand what integrated marketing is and share some examples of integrated marketing campaigns and then I will show you how to roll-out an effective and fully integrated marketing campaign.

What is an integrated marketing campaign?

To begin, let’s define exactly what integrated marketing campaigns are. Integrated marketing campaigns combine mediums like direct mail, email marketing, print advertising, broadcast advertising, and other types of promotional messages put together to make certain a marketing message is received by the highest number of people in a target market.  To illustrate further let me share some integrated marketing campaign examples that I have put in place for our clients.

One of my clients is an author with a book that has just launched.  We took out very inexpensive radio ads that would hit her target audience of female listeners ages 25-40 who had children. We then also did Facebook advertising to drive people to the launch and we did a direct mailing to the radio show’s list of listeners who were in her target audience and she conducted webinars about the book launch, did Facebook Lives about the book and also held a book signing at a local book store with a post card mailing to her target audience to attend the book signing.  With all of these channels engaged, she was able to reach far more people than if she only had depended on one form of media for her book launch.  Let me give you another integrated marketing campaign example with another client.

My client is a financial advisor who wanted more clients.  We decided he would conduct an event for people who had questions about sending their children to college. His target audience was young parents ages 25-35 who lived within 12 miles of his office location in Ohio. We did a small classified ad in the local paper, we started a Facebook event, we advertised that Facebook event, we turned the event into a Meetup and invited his prospects and clients to the event.  I got him interviewed on local TV and radio stations and we sent a post card mailing to prospects.

In both examples, the approach we used was an integrated marketing communications campaign meaning we coordinated all of the promotional efforts so that they reinforced each other. In my experience as a business strategist, the best-integrated marketing campaigns are the ones that are well thought out and tied together so that all promotional activities support one another.

I share a lot more information like this here.

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