Olympic Athletes to Fortune 500 executives all have businesses that have helped them improve their productivity and results. Some of the world’s best heart-based businesses are rarely recognized as they are behind the scenes working to bring out the best for their client. Heartrepreneur, LLC has been instrumental in locating and recognizing the world’s heart-based businesses.

“A Heartrepreneur® business is one that does business with integrity, authenticity, and transparency and most of all puts their client family members first,” according to Terri Levine, Chief Heartrepreneur® of Heartrepreneur, LLC, “A heart-based business will put their relationships with prospects, employees, vendors and client family members first and will achieve optimum results in business by focusing  on helping others to achieve their goals.”  The International Heartrepreneur® of the Year is a unique opportunity to honor someone who has made a powerful, positive impact on someone’s life or career.

Heartrepreneur® has secured an international panel of expert heart-based businesses owners to determine the winner of the 2018 International Heartrepreneur® of the Year competition. The grand prize winner is announced on February 14th and this year’s honoree will receive an official certificate and logo designating them as the 2018 International Heartrepreneur® of the Year.

You are invited to be part of the action by learning more about this prestigious award. You can find details at https://heartrepreneur.com/nominations