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BlogIs Life Coaching The Answer To Unlocking My Happiness?

May 14, 2015

Happiness Statitistics 300x225 - Is Life Coaching The Answer To Unlocking My Happiness?Happy on The Outside; Crying on The Inside…

People are marching around busy as can be and yet unfilled. More than ever they are flocking to the industry of life coaching and the industry is growing as people are unable to find their own inner peace.  Many people claim this is due in part to the recession, housing market collapse, high unemployment, falling incomes and overall negative news surrounding us today.  However, high-income house-holds report engaging life coaches for guidance with their inner personal and professional goals and to achieve peace and greater happiness just as frequently as those who are suffering economic decline.  Income isn’t the reason people are happy and fulfilled on the inside.

The Life Coaches industry is considered to be in the growth stage of its life cycle. IBISWorld anticipates that industry value added, which measures the industry’s contribution to the US economy, will grow at an average annual rate of 6.3% right up until 2019. If you contrast this with the US GDP which is forecast to increase at an annualized rate of 2.5% it is clear the coaching industry is an expanding industry that is clearly growing.  In fact, the life coaching industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing professions in North America.

waterfall water background 199x300 - Is Life Coaching The Answer To Unlocking My Happiness?Psychologist?  Social Worker?  Educator? Mentor?  Personal Coach?

With the world feeling so complex and people feeling like they need greater simplification they are finding coaches to be helping them constructively deal with changes in their lives, personal or business and sometimes both.  The profession is built on skills based in part on psychology, education, personal development, social work and other disciplines and blends many facets of mind, body and spirit depending on the coach.

I hired my first coach when I knew I was unhappy in my work and unfilled and uninspired with my circle of friends, community and hobbies. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for and had done years of personal development training and read hundreds of self-help books and attended seminars and workshops and finally decided I’d give coaching a shot.  Within a few sessions I realized my work was no longer satisfying me and with the help of my own coach I got an action plan in place to quit my job.

Certainly this isn’t a formula for everyone.  In my case it was the answer to living a more fulfilled an happier life and led to the writing of my very first book titled Work Yourself Happy  which went on to become a bestseller and launched my career!

The actual quitting of my job was the toughest part of the road for me. Being handcuffed to a high salary and having my self-esteem and ego tied to a title was not something I could not quickly unhook and detach from. My coach guided me through the journey and helped me move past obstacles by asking me powerful questions, making powerful requests and using powerful observations and also challenging me, holding a bigger vision, having me speak my truth, holding me accountable and also being there for me.  When I quit it was a huge relief for me and the right decision and one I have been so grateful to have taken!

Find Your Personal Coach And Be Happy Now!

every day is a new beginning 300x225 - Is Life Coaching The Answer To Unlocking My Happiness?

So where do you look to find your coach?  I knew I was ready to hire my coach and I was lucky I happened to be at an event and a coach magically was in attendance!  How about you?  Do you already know a coach?  Have you read a book or an article or watched a video or listened to a radio interview, webinar, tele-class, attended a seminar, workshop or gone to an event an met a coach you resonate with?

That is exactly how you hire a coach!

If you don’t know a coach, google a coach or ask ask someone!  You were born to enjoy happiness, inner peace, joy, delight and a full luscious life.   Your time is now.

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