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*schema doneBlogLack Of Conscious Communication Is Harmful To Your Business

November 30, 2016

The Missing Vital Communication Link

Communication skills are crucial to your success in business. If you are not communicating in a conscious way you are losing your impact and can lose business to others in your marketplace. Let me explain what we refer to at Heartrepreneur® as conscious communication by first taking the word “conscious” and defining it for you. What is conscious communication in business?  We define conscious communication as communication for business as both verbal and non-verbal communication that has the goal of truly deeply hearing and tuning into a prospect, customer, vendor or employee and hearing their needs and then responding with heart and from a place of transparency and integrity.

Transparency. Integrity. Results.

Several years ago and I began to say this to my team and my clients because it makes all communication impeccable – “You are your word. And NOTHING but your word”.  What is impeccable?  Impeccable means you always communicate in full transparency and complete integrity. It means you clearly say exactly what you mean and you only speak words that come from love and truth.

I really resonate with the word impeccable and encourage you to embrace the word as a conscious communicator. I was on the radio the other day and the host asked me, “What does impeccable mean to you?”.  My response?  Three words: Transparency. Integrity. Results.

Let me explain those words to you and encourage you to be more of a Heartrepreneur® each day by living these words.

First, let’s take the word transparency.  To me, this means in all your business dealings and every communication you are focused on speaking full truth, disclosing everything, being trusting and vulnerable and not having an attachment to an outcome or a secret agenda.  My experience is that true collaboration and cooperation stems from full transparency at all times in your business.

Integrity is the next word.  My mom and dad taught me to do the right thing even when no one else was watching. I was taught, to be honest, all the time.  This is how I view integrity. In your business always do what is right for your prospects, customers, vendors, and employees. (Even when no one is there to watch).  ALL the time.

Results.  Pretty clear. Deliver the highest value, outcomes and results for your customers.  Period. Focus on bringing massive value to all you serve. End of story. No exceptions – ALL the time.

One more thing to cover in this article to make sure you are consciously communicating to assure your business success is to share my opinion of the communicative intent definition.  When I was in college I remember hearing that communicative intent was about delivering a message either verbally or non-verbally and being clear in how you used facial expression, written words, tone, etc. to be certain your message met the intention you had for your communication.  In business, I share that beyond knowing this information you must also be conscious of your communication verbal and non-verbal because what you intend to say and want to intentionally communicate you need to back up with not only words but also in your tone and through your non-verbal communication, too.  Every word you say, written or in print, is important.

I encourage you to watch this webinar and notice how important the words are.

Let me know what you learned about conscious communication by commenting here.


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