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BlogHow Has Life Coaching Changed Me Personally?

16th March 20152

TerriLevineLifeCoachingSharing My Personal Coaching Journey

I am often asked how has life coaching helped you, Terri?  I’ve never shared my own story and now I’m ready to be transparent.  Why now?  In fact, why did I ever walk out the door from my leadership and management position and move into the field of coaching at all?  Let’s begin by looking at the photo that was taken a few short years after I left corporate work as an executive.  I was stressed and rarely home.  I traveled a lot, ate hotel and restaurant food, got paged all the time (there weren’t texts then) and emails day and night, and was rarely home with my family.  I was overweight, tired and my hair was falling out.

I kept asking the question, “Is this what life is for?”  Working all the time to make a high six figure income?  To be called “President” of a company and hold a title that made me miserable and tied me up in chains?  I hated to talk to friends on weekends and was retreating into silence whenever I had precious moments at home.

My girlfriend and I decided we wanted to see Andrew Weil speak and a few other people and I had to go to Boston on a small business trip anyway so we were going to meet there and attend a seminar.  On the plane I sat next to a woman who said she was a “coach”.  I asked what team or what sport.  I can remember her laughing with a smile and telling me she was a business coach and explaining how she did business mentoring and that I instantly realized that was what I had been doing with the teams of people I was leading!  I knew instantly this was what I meant to do.

sharon teitelbaum my first coachSynchronicity

At this event I heard several coaches speak.  How fascinating that all of the sudden people from this profession I’d never heard of were lecturing here.  I even hired my very first coach who called herself a “life coach”- Sharon Teitelbaum.  As she started coaching me it became very clear after just a few sessions that I wanted to do business coaching and in fact was doing executive coaching and management coaching and leadership training already.  I was filled with business ideas.  Each day at work I’d want to quit and go be a coach.  I enrolled in a coach training program because I believed I needed to have more tools and resources only to realize the coaching skills were within me. They were always there.

It took a few months with Sharon’s great encouragement to find the voice, strength and courage within me to get the strength to make the move to turn in the resignation letter I had carried in my briefcase for months.  I was scared.  What would my family think?  Years of college?  A high paying job?  A great title?  Stock options?  All thrown away for some profession the average person never heard of that still sounded a bit “out there” and wasn’t mainstream back in the 90’s.

Sharon asked the most powerful coaching question and to this day I honor her for it!  She knew my mother had recently died and I was still in deep remorse and depression over my mom’s passing.  She was aware I often spoke to her for our sessions from my home office where I had the most privacy.  During a session she asked me to look at the painting hanging on my wall of my mom and to face my mom’s painting.  I did.  She then said, “Ask your mom if she wants you to be happy in your life making money or to be happy in your life doing something you really want to do?”.

Tears streamed down my face.  I didn’t have to ask.  The answer was so clear.  The question so powerful.  I quit the next day.  I remember driving home singing the song “Free Bird” as loud as I could out my jeep sunroof even though it was 19 degrees outside.  I started my coaching business that day.  30 days later I had 30 clients because of my experience in sales training and interactive marketing.  My business was off and running.

My Hidden SecretsTerri's hidden secret

I wanted people to see me as successful, free and happy.  I thought I had the world fooled. In fact, I think I had most fooled.  I was making money and totally loving my clients and business mentoring and Guerilla Marketing and business to business marketing and my life coach training schools.  There were bumps along the way.  All in all, life was good.  There were some things that weren’t and I’d brush them to the side.

Funny, if I were coaching a client who did this, I’d open that cubby right up to find what was hiding in it to help them create freedom in their lives.  Not in my life though.  I had come to believe I must look like I was always in control, everything was great, nothing bothered me.  I found myself playing a game and being in masculine “power” almost all the time.

My soul got nurtured from those who loved my work… my clients, my fans, my audiences.  I soaked this in.

I was also faced with some odd things business wise.  Some strange clients that played power games with me.  Some people I worked with who I thought wronged me that I now realized I wronged by not being the loving, real person I am.  I wasn’t showing up “genuine”.  I was playing the role of the “powerful business woman” turned into the “guru of coaching”.


Along Came A Miracle

Paulrepicky terri levine client

I met Paul Repicky at an event I was speaking at and instantly starting working with him.  He is pure and he is love.  He was sad to hear I was suffering with RSD and really wanted to help me.  At CEO Space he introduced me to a man named Brian Ridgway.  I really had no idea who Brian was and frankly was tired and only had a few minutes of time to spend with him and was rushing to my next meeting.

Paul left his iPhone on to record and then left Brian and I alone in a quiet place.  I assumed I was there to help Brian.  It’s always me being the helper and the giver.  Brian never really told me anything about himself. He asked me about me and I revealed that I had this “disease” called RSD.  I know (not only because I listen to the recording – also because the words ring in my heart all the time) that Brian told me, “You ain’t got no F…’ng disease”.  I went from arguing to becoming calm and to having Brian come from across the table to eventually really hearing and knowing I have a set of symptoms that have been given a label which I have accepted.

As Brian spoke I began to feeeeeeeeeel a calmness I had never felt.  I never questioned who or what this man was.  I just knew Paul had brought me the greatest gift of my life.

At some point I cried.  Something I wasn’t used to.  Brian comforted me in a way no one has ever done.  I felt that he really deeply wanted me to get the lesson.

I am not sure how it happened I just found myself reaching out to Brian again.  Terri, who is afraid to be vulnerable and is strong and doesn’t show herself.  This time Brian went deeper with me and I knew, I just knew he was the one person, the only person that was beyond any self-help or therapy program or course or book or even my own PhD training that was helping me.

I joined to help him market his business because I heard how much he wanted to truly change the world and that if the world didn’t know about him he couldn’t.  I had to be part of this mission.

I found myself with no time to help him.  My own business was having issues and I was having more and more of my own processes show up that I had to deal with as Brian had opened me up.  Even though I was doing nothing for him he was there dedicating hours and hours to me day and night.  Any hour of the day for months and months.

Brian Ridgway – Taking Me to Level 5!


After all the time and money I’d spent working on myself I’d never really gotten results. No coach ever got it with me.  Brian has.  Brian’s process helped me get to the ONE simple core ‘Paradigm Shift’ and that has changed EVERYTHING for me. For the very first time in my entire life I am free!  I am playing from my girl wild-child energy and it’s so much fun.  I am loving, calm, confident and creating relationships in new and exciting ways.  I no longer hold regrets and pain and frustration. Overwhelm is leaving my life and work experience.

My locked up energies are opening up every single day.  I am singing, dancing, and being my highest self – the Terri (called T) I always knew was locked inside!  Struggles are falling away and it’s all happening instantly.  I realize now that it is possible to transform every aspect of my life.  Problems are illusions as Brian has said to me so often.

Thanks to Brian I am living my life, finally, as the infinite, limitless being I am!


Uniting With Brian’s Mission

Level5TrainingBrianRidgwayBrian is on a  personal mission – which is the mission of his company, Level 5 Transformational Mentoring. In Brian’s words his mission is: “To transform my world by helping people WHO ARE READY FOR IT to Consciously Create the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and WORLD of their dreams.”


I united with Brian in his mission because I know the law of attraction is real and I had been unable to figure out how to make it work until Brian mentored me. Brian has helped tens of thousands of people transform, just like me, at lightening speed.  I know so many friends, family, and clients who have spent money and energy and time trying self-help and personal-development approaches and haven’t gotten what they wanted.  That was me.

I want others to experience being free just like me.  I now I know you can be.  I have seen what is possible.

Overnight I felt my struggles falling away.  It was like dew melting in the sun of my increased consciousness and enhanced awareness.

Imagine and expect every aspect of your life to get easier and better – faster than you ever thought possible. This is what I experienced with Brian as my mentor.

Today is the day your life – I’m talking your health, your business, your wealth, your relationships – all change for the better. No matter what area your pain might be right now I’m going to show you the man who can open up the way out, more quickly and more easily than you probably imagined possible. If your mind is open you are going to find the key as you experience Brian Ridgway and his Level 5 Mentoring Program

Brilliant entrepreneurs all over the planet are calling this program pure genius, mind blowing business and life transforming information and light years beyond any money, business and success training out there.

I’m calling it my freedom.

I’ve fired clients, changed my entire business and life and given up struggles and and problems and stress and opened up to love and joy and bliss and freedom and I am now teaming up with Brian and uniting with his mission.  Join us at  



  • Pallavi Kapoor

    3rd April 2015 at 6:26 pm

    Terri, I just read all of your blog and had to leave a comment. I am in awe that you shared so much of your experiences in life. Thank you so much for doing that. I can’t imagine all the pain you have endured & yet you have come through it all to be a shining star. It must have taken a lot of courage to be so open. It really gives us an idea of what you have gone through to get to where you are, which I think is so important these days. Although people want to know that you are good at what you do (the coaching), they also want to be able to relate to you as a person and this definitely makes that possible. It takes away the idea that everything came so easily to you, which I think is a common assumption made about successful people (at least, I know that’s one that I make)! I love the way you shared your story through a blog, instead of putting it in the “about me” section on your website 🙂 Wishing you much joy as you continue to grow on your journey.


    • Terri Levine

      6th April 2015 at 5:05 pm

      Dear Pallavi,

      Thank you so much for this. I was so vulnerable and transparent in this post that being reaffirmed feeeeeeeels so good. Thank you so much for this. Much love and appreciation,


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