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11th October 20170

The Big Shift: Make A 100k A Month

Are you a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, author or another expert? Have you heard of Bill Barren (often misspelled as Bill Baron) from Bill Baren coaching? (Notice the other misspelling?).  What about Russ Ruffino (sometimes misspelled as Russ Rufino)?  Why am I asking these questions?

I am asking because there are many “experts” saying they grow your coaching and consulting businesses to a hundred thousand and more.  I don’t know if they do or not.  I just know they are experts at self-promotion and I give them credit for doing that.  In fact, Bill refers to himself as the best business coach in Oakland as well as “Bill Barren Master of Enrollment”.  You can check him out yourself by looking at Bill Barren reviews where he even has a pdf.  If you want to know about him get the Bill Barren pdf while reading the Bill Barren coaching reviews.  I mention Bill because I now work with many clients who were in his masters of enrollment program and other programs he offers.

Do his clients make $100k and more?  I don’t know.  I just know they show up and work with me after going through his programs.

I suggest you look at all the “experts” and check them out.  See Russ Ruffino review and check out the for yourself.  I can’t answer your questions about these folks.

I can only tell you what I can and will do for you and that I guarantee your results and in fact, I PAY YOU if you fail.  Do they?

What I do for you is help you create a sustainable six-figure business using a high-ticket signature program I create with you and for you.  Then I show you how to get a lot of free traffic with your exact qualified prospects coming to you.  You get a lot more prospects, make a lot more money and have a lot more freedom in your life – guaranteed.

So, check out these other “experts” and if you want to check me out, here is a free video I put together for you.

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