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BlogMarketing Tools: How Do I Build My Brand?

April 26, 2015

Success In Todays Marketplace For Small Business

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Today I’ll reveal some important marketing tools you need to know if you want to build your brand.  First of all a logo is not a brand. Branding is a much deeper process. Sadly many of our business mentoring clients, when they first meet with us, think that their tag lines, ads, and logos are the marketing strategies they need to grow their business.

Your brand is what differentiates your product or services from all your competitors. By having a strong unique Core Unique Positioning Statement you will clearly differentiate your company from everyone else in the marketplace. This will allow your business to  stand for something that evokes emotion in the minds of your potential prospects and your customers.

How Can Building a Brand Help My Small Business?


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Without an identity your company is missing the key point of having a marketing strategy. You must have a competitive edge to be a lasting and highly profitable business. When your business has a Core Unique Positioning Statement you are able to create a stream of ideal customers who find you and contact you; have potential customers use your products/services even if you aren’t the lower or lowest priced option; have focused marketing; use interactive marketing and attract strategic marketing partners.  No matter the size of your company, if you are in start-up mode, a big business or a small business, every business must have a brand identity. We establish these through designing a Core Unique Positioning Statement.


How To Build A Strong Core Unique Positioning Statement 

Buildingapotentcoreuniquepositioning 300x300 - Marketing Tools: How Do I Build My Brand?What do you want prospects to perceive your about your business? How do you want them to feel about your products and services? You must take your Core Unique Positioning Statement creation very seriously and take these questions into account.

One of the biggest mistakes I, as a business coach and business mentoring expert, see over and over again, is that businesses start marketing and advertising to hunt for prospects without clarity of their marketing strategy or tactics.

I always slow them down by asking, “What does your business stand for?”, and  “Who are your ideal target customers?”.  And until they can answer these questions very very specifically, we don’t even begin to create a Core Unique Positioning Statement for our clients. The positioning statement has to solve a problem that no other company solves.  It also has to provide value that customers really want and need. And the Core Unique Positioning Statement must be so relevant and valuable to customers that they will feel it immediately and resonate with it quickly and feel pulled towards it and to buy your products and services.

What feeling and what emotion can you create in your ideal customer?  And does it match what your ideal target customer is looking for and wanting?  You need to have a message to market match that is compelling and matches the exact personality of your target market and their desires.


So The Answer to The Question Is…terrilevinebusinessmentoringexpert - Marketing Tools: How Do I Build My Brand?

Get a business mentoring expert.  You need help as a small business owner designing marketing strategies and creating marketing ideas. Use a marketing consultant who has marketing tips and can help you with small business consulting and business coaching.  Hire that person to give you business growth strategy so you have the business solutions like the ones I’ve given you here to take your business to the next level.


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