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February 28, 2017

Calling All Coaches!

megaphone 300x200 - Marketing Workshop For CoachesAre you a life coach?  Business coach?  Executive career coach?  Are you starting a coaching business?  Have you been a coach for awhile now and your business isn’t making you the kind of money you thought it would?  Or, is your coaching business making you great money and having you trade time for money putting in a ton of hours?

Having trained and certified life and business coaches for over two decades from all around the world, I can tell you the number one problem I see coaches struggling with is how to attract clients.

I talked to a life coach recently who asked me what were the best life coach business cards.  I was shocked.  Instead of taking action to bring in clients the coach was concerned about a business card? Every time I speak to a coach at one of my live events or by phone or skype they are inquiring about how to market a coaching business.  I find coaches are so confused about what to do in terms of marketing they end up doing nothing at all to bring clients in the door.

audience 300x225 - Marketing Workshop For CoachesAt one of my recent events, coaches were asking about free ads, if bing ads help, if I had a sample life coach business plan, what to charge for their services, what niche to be in and on and on.  One audience member was a career coach from Chicago, Illinois who brought with them marketing materials they were looking at and wondering how to tweak these materials for their own business.  I asked to see the materials and they had everything from a college doing a tuition advertisement, a home tutor advertisement, to carpet cleaning marketing materials, and I believe they had another ad they showed me that was a home tuition advertisement. I was not sure how to respond.  I clarified that in fact they were an executive job coach and a career coach and they told me I was correct.  I inquired why they would be collecting ads for businesses that were so unrelated.  The coach then told me they could not find any coaches advertising so they just pulled out some ads from a local magazine.

As amazed as I was, it was just another example of a coach who had no idea how to market their coaching business.

Here are just a few sample ideas of what a coach could be using to market their business:

  1. Creating a great Core Unique Positioning Statement and using it in all their marketing
  2. Having business cards with an offer on the back or inside
  3. Authoring an ebook and giving it away that helps potential clients get a real result
  4. Creating a special report, checklist or template to give away as a lead magnet
  5. Creating an automated webinar that prospects can watch and get to know, like and trust the coach from
  6. Giving away free videos with training from the coach showing their expert status
  7. Using direct mail to their target audience
  8. Using co-op mailings
  9. Using Val-Pak and similar services
  10. Conducting on-line events
  11. Hosting live events
  12. Issuing press releases
  13. Putting small ads in newspapers and local radio
  14. Blogging
  15. Podcasting
  16. Engaging in joint ventures

Those are a few ideas that work and I have hundreds more.  Would it help you to have an exact and precise and consistent and proven system that brings hot prospects to your business?  I will be sharing marketing workshop ideas at a free upcoming event to help business owners, coaches, and consultants.  This won’t be a typical workshop.  It will be an implementation day of coaching to actually have the attendees do the work at the workshop and use what they are learning right on the spot and change their businesses forever.

If you want to join us, email us now and ask if we have any free tickets left.

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