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January 12, 2021

As a business consultant for medical practices, I am asked how they can scale their businesses.

Professional medical practices typically cannot afford the salaries of a marketing team or a Chief Marketing Officer. Yet, they need innovative strategies and tactics. Their businesses need a marketing director.

They tell me they can not afford a high-priced marketing officer or marketing team or expensive ads.

I understand.

My Post 640x640 - The Best Ways to Do Marketing For Your Medical Practice
Marketing Your Health Care Practice

Why I Understand

I have been in health care marketing for almost 44 years. My learning curve has been very long and very deep. All of my marketing concepts have been tested. They are proven across all different markets.  Also, they have been tested in all different economies. Regardless of where the practice is located. I know what works.

I have one focus…. building medical practices with effective low and no-cost marketing techniques.

If you want to bring in up to 48 new patients per month and get quality referrals, this article is for you.

What We Do

I have brought together a team of top healthcare marketing professionals. Under my guidance, they implement innovative strategies and tactics designed to grow million-dollar practices and beyond.

When we begin working with a medical practice, we first prioritizing their marketing. We cut out marketing that does not bring enough of a return on investment. Then, we start implementing the proprietary process that we customize for them. We start with their internal business and their existing patient base. This allows us to generate repeat business and word of mouth referrals. That is how we quickly bring more money in the door. Starting here yields results with no and low-cost marketing right away. Next, we move to external marketing that yields a return on investment. Together we pick strategies and tactics that are the best ones for their specific practice.

Our job is to determine how much money a medical healthcare practice can afford to spend to attract a new patient. We do this by learning what the lifetime value of one patient is.  Once we know the lifetime value of a typical patient, we choose promotions that will give them the very best return on investment.

Then we set up a customized marketing plan. Each practice has its own marketing playbook.  This becomes a coordinated game plan for their success.

As their factional marketing officer, I examine their current marketing problems. Then my team and I create specific solutions to propel their practice to the million-dollar level and beyond.

During our work together, we track the results of every single marketing activity.

Areas of Focus

Some areas of focus may include:

  1. doing self-promotion and branding correctly
  2. how to stand out in the market
  3. determining the right pricing strategies for success
  4. charting the best route for marketing
  5. internal promotions
  6. recalls and reactivations
  7. getting huge growth from solid referrals
  8. having staff involved in the marketing
  9. external promotions,
  10. direct mail
  11. ads
  12. brochures
  13. online marketing
  14. websites
  15. blogging
  16. social media

And more…

In addition, we help our clients to look at profitable new markets. We propel the growth of our medical health care practices with our proprietary promotional tools that are proven effective.

The Success Of Your Practice

There is so much competition today amongst medical health care professionals. The success of your practice depends not just on your clinical or your technical expertise but truly on your ability to implement marketing that works. We will be your marketing arm giving you the practical “how to ” help. You will grow your practice business without high priced ads or marketing strategies. We will never compromise your professional ethics or ask you to invest a lot of time or expense. Everything we do is step by step. You can trust us because we have field tested.  You will have a marketing plan for your practice. In addition, you will have a budget that makes sense. And of course, the ability to track the results of all of your marketing.

If you are ready to build and expand your practice and get dozens of new patients a month (even on a very strict budget) contact us.  I am ready to be your fractional Chief Marketing Officer. You will also have my team by your side to help you reach your full potential.


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