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7th March 20170

Marketing Coaching 

I’ve been helping coaches and consultants market their businesses for many decades now. I love doing the work I do and am honored to have been able to have helped thousands of coaches and consults to make a lot more money and enjoy their lives more.  I got into business coach services when I was training coaches at The Coaching Institute and realized that while most coaches were able to learn how to coach they were unable to grow a coaching business.

I was not focused on coaches when I first began my own coaching business.  As a small business coach, my coaching services were designed to help business owners who need any type of sales and marketing help. I was providing small business coaching services to all sorts of businesses and had never considered that coaches would also need this kind of help.

I was even pulled into executive coaching services as well as entrepreneur coaching services. Then all of the sudden I was seeing a trend in business coaching in the USA where business coach and consulting services were severely needed yet many coaches were unable to provide their services simply because they were the best-kept secrets and no one knew who they were and weren’t going to find out about them unless they marketed themselves.

I got frustrated with the lack of results coaches were having with marketing and then went into the business of coach consulting and changed my entire focus to helping coaches to get clients, create a high ticket signature program where they could really deliver results for clients and learn to work 1 to many while having their ideal target audience be attracted to them without spending a ton of time, money or energy on marketing or content creation.
I thought about changing my training model and my coaching school and looked at how to create a franchise coaching business.  I decided against this model as I didn’t want to charge coaches who were struggling a lot of money.  I only wanted to be certain they could identify a niche, figure out their avatar and then create a high demand, high ticket program to deliver great value to the clients they would serve.  I decided to remain an affordable option and to devote my business to helping coaches earn the type of living I was earning doing the work they love.

It’s been a lot of years on this journey and I still love creating value for coaches and helping them go to the 1 to many, signature coaching program model getting paid really well for the value they bring and having a ton of time to enjoy their family, their vacations and their freedom.

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