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18th September 20170

Want More Coaching Clients?  Here You Go!

I have trained over 5,000 coaches worldwide and have found that most coaches struggle to find clients.  I have never had that issue and when I began my coaching and consulting business about 22 years ago, I had 30 clients in 30 days.  What did disturb me is the amount of time I spent each week for about 20 years marketing my coaching and consulting business.  Then, 2 years ago I began to play around with the concept of automated coaching webinars.  After I experimented and tested the best formulas and formats for driving a lot of qualified prospects to my own webinar and then having those prospects convert into paying clients, I rolled out a pilot program for 12 clients.  Based on their results I have now opened up a program to help coaches get clients using my systematize proven simple 3 step webinar formula.

The 12 clients in my pilot program were doing all types of consulting and coaching. One had a program on coach training in the game of life, another had a program on coach leadership training, one was a health coach, another a Shaman, one a business consultant, another a marketing strategist, one a web designer, another an IT provider, another a spirt coach and on and on. As I found the system working for each of them I expanded my automated webinar system to coach training schools and companies that were seeking more students.

I didn’t only focus on the business and personal coaching industry.  I have helped create automated webinar funnels in voice coaching training, life coach training, online tennis coaching training, vocal coach training, and even an online coach driving training.  I have proven that my automated webinar system creates qualified prospects on autopilot again and again. I have now worked with all kinds of entrepreneurs who want an automated lead generation system.

What does it take to have an automated coaching webinar that brings you a lot of qualified prospects?

  1. 3 steps you can teach in 45 minutes
  2. effective powerpoint slides in the right order following a template
  3. voice-over narration that is done with authenticity
  4. a great call to action that is not a sales offer at the end of the webinar
  5. a small budget of Facebook ads to drive qualified prospects to watch the webinar
  6. being active in Facebook groups where your exact target audience is hanging out
  7. starting your own Facebook group for your ideal prospects and creating valuable posts and Facebook Live training for members regularly

I put together the entire system here for you to watch now.

Imagine, qualified coaching leads on autopilot from this point on!

Want help with your getting more coaching or consulting leads? Schedule 10 minutes to chat now.

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