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Passion….such an evocative word. For this article, for obvious reasons, I am not referring to romantic, sexual passion.

So just what is passion? For this article, I’m going with the common definition…a burning desire, a great longing. In an earlier article, I referred to it as a fire, a fire within. I asked if you were chasing your fire. Are you?
Interesting, but a related side note. There are many animals that live year-round in very cold environments. Such as polar bears, wolves, huskies, sables, and penguins to name a few. Polar bears may den for part of the year to conserve energy through the coldest weather. Wolves and Huskies live outside and stay warm by eating high protein/energy diets. German Shepherds, related to wolves and huskies, also like the cold. Those dogs, if left to themselves will survive quite well outside on their own.
People place their personal standards of cold on them and think they must come in the house or need a source of heat. They enjoy the cold.
However, if you bring them into your house, they won’t fight you. They aren’t stupid..they know they will conserve energy. The same if you build a fire or have some source of heat outside of them…they will go to it. They will chase the fire. They are drawn to it.
So our passion is our fire. It is what burns within us…we are always drawn to it.
Recently, we were privileged to hear a 30-day training by one of our leaders. Many times she referred to passion and that it is not always easy. This is where many get tripped up; they think your passion is always easy. If it’s not easy, it can’t be passion. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Passion is what drives you, what motivates you. Your passion may, in fact, be your purpose. Here’s another may have multiple passions just as you may have multiple purposes.
Not every aspect of your passion will be easy, but you will still have that drive to reach that goal…you will still chase that fire. Don’t believe me? I’ll give you a couple personal examples.
One of my passions is to work with stone. At some time I will start to learn stone sculpting, engraving, jewelry making, but for now, it is building stone walls and walkways or patios.
For me, I like to find the stone I’m going to work with by going for a walk in the woods and digging up stones I may use, then bringing them to where I am doing my project. I said they are in the woods, so I can’t get a truck in there, and I don’t own excavation equipment. So how do they get from the woods to the project?
Simple. I dig them out, they may be under roots or other stones. When I have them free, I wrap my arms around this rock that maybe 200-400 pounds, give a heave and carry it about 200 feet to the project. (Yes, I have actually done that a few times.)
Now my passion is working with the stone. Do you think I truly Enjoy, am passionate about,  digging out that stone by hand and then carrying it 200′? Helllll no. I am proud of the ability to do it, but a passion…not at all. I know I will have great pain soon after or the next day.
However, I do love the finished product. I made that..with my talents. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?  Trust me it does.
Now if I said that since that is my passion and that means it should be easy…I would have numerous stones partially dug up in the woods but never have a stone wall or patio. Whatever your passion is can involve some strenuous lifting.. physically and figuratively.
How about an example closer to business. Some of you know that in 1998 I received a Paralegal degree. I completed a program that is American Bar Association certified and approved. At that time, I was passionate about becoming a paralegal to help others navigate our convoluted legal system. Since this was an ABA-approved program, certain courses were mandatory. One course I was required to take…I looked for ways to get around this requirement. Accounting 101. I HATE the paperwork of accounting and bookkeeping.
No matter what I do, I am going to do it very well..even if I hate it. I have repaired ceramic dolls perfectly, but those things are so ugly to me. So my accounting class…you know what my final grade was?  105%…I aced every quiz and test and always got the 5 point bonus questions right. I was proud of that grade, but I still hated the subject.
Now, your passion…it’s not always going to be easy. That’s the way it should be. If you have to work and struggle for something, then the reward of accomplishment becomes much greater. That passion will then be fueled to keep you moving…moving to the next step of your passion.
Look at world-class athletes. Many compete for years, even if they have already won a medal. Why? Now they compete against themselves. Maybe they can do it 0.05 seconds faster. Will it be a new world’s record? Maybe. They do it because it is the fire they chase…their passion.
Think about this…
P… Perpetually
A… Arduous
S… Self-
S… Sustaining
I… Individual
O… Ongoing
N… Notion
What is going to continuously feed you, nourish you, no matter what obstacles appear? That is your passion.
Tim Hulme
Tim Hulme has had a number of life experiences that provide him a broad base of knowledge.
Tim is a friend to all. He enjoys learning and helping others.

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