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BlogPay Per Click: Generating Leads Fast

22nd March 20170

Want To Generate Leads?

Let’s face it, without leads you will not remain in business. You must be generating leads that convert into paying customers to have a viable business.  Many business owners struggle to find leads. They spend time networking, they spend money advertising in newspapers or magazines or on the radio or TV, they send out press releases, they exhibit at trade shows, they spend hours on social media, they create blogs, podcasts and more and more content, and they hope their website will bring in leads, and then they wait for their phone to ring or prospects to walk in the door.

I have found that what most small business owners do to get leads is wrong. The amount of money spent to generate leads can put you out of business if you aren’t getting results and are not generating a lot of hot leads for a low cost.  So how can you actually use a strategy that brings you leads for a low cost?

The Answer Is…

My strategy for my clients is pay per click (PPC). I’ve been helping business owners leverage their marketing and their PPC lead generation strategies and exponentially leveraging their marketing results. Some of my clients had never used things like Facebook ads or google pay per click and even asked me questions like, “What is PPC?”.  Others, on the opposite spectrum, had engaged a pay per click advertising firm and were disappointed with the results finding that they were spending way too much on the pay per click ads and not generating enough quality leads for this strategy to make sense.

Here’s how my clients use PPC in a cost effective way and really make use of this valuable lead generation tool.

First, I make sure my clients understand the difference between strategic marketing and tactical marketing. Strategic marketing is the content of their PPC ad.  It’s what they say and how they say it and the colors and focus and words and images and concepts of the ad itself.  Tactical marketing is the execution of strategic marketing. In other words, executing the pay per click strategy.

When we create ads for clients we make certain the ad will interrupt, engage, educate and offer. We drive people to a free report or a free webinar (called a lead magnet) and then we capture the prospect’s contact information in exchange for giving them the lead magnet. From then on we actively market to them until they buy or say stop.

We start our ad budget with only $40.00 and we spend a lot of time selecting the exact target market and very narrow, specific niche. In this way, we are certain we are reaching our ideal target prospects.

If the $40.00 ad brings in hot prospects and we are able to close one or two people, we double the ad spend.

If the ad failed and missed its mark we either tweak the ad or tweak the audience – one or the other. Then we spend $40.00 to re-test the ad.  If we tweaked the audience and that didn’t work, we then tweak the ad.  If we tweaked the ad and that didn’t work, we tweak the audience.

We’ve used this formula successfully in our own business and for our clients.

Would you like a 45-minute consultant guaranteed to find you $10,000 in your business?  We are happy to help and to review your ads at that time. Ask for your no obligation consult.


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