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Suggested questions for Terri Levine:

  1. What are the most important challenges you see in business today?
  2. As someone who has worked with over 200 types of businesses, what is your best advice for today’s business owners?
  3. As a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer & Coach, would you share with us what guerrilla marketing is and why is it so important for businesses today to learn guerrilla strategies?
  4. How can businesses today maximize marketing using the hidden assets approach?
  5. You work with a variety of service professionals from attorneys and spa owners to dentists, financial planners and restaurant owners. How do you mentor them to rapid growth without spending much money on marketing?
  6. What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?
  7. You wrote a book called Sell Without Selling. What is the difference between selling and your approach?
  8. You’ve trained over 5000 coaches worldwide. From your perspective, how does coaching influence the growth and profitability of a business?
  9. What are some strategies that a business owner can use right now to promote the growth of their company?
  10. How can a business get started with you today?

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