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Developing and Creating Content for Business Owners

If you are a business coach, business consultant, life coach or business owner, you really need to create training courses because they are a revenue generator as well as a great lead generator.

Most business owners, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs don’t know how to create a training course and don’t have the time to do so.

We help those in the field of business coaching, business consulting, life coaching, and in any other service business, to create professional training courses.

Aside from the fact that instructors of training courses can make additional revenues from about $60 per month to over $7,000 per month, courses generate a lot of leads.

We know that creating an online course takes about as much time as writing a book and that technical skills are involved when you create courses that are professional.

We help from concept to development and actual creation of professional training courses from those you deliver as webinars, teleseminars, workshops and on-line courses.

Just fill out this form so we can learn more about you and your business to see if you qualify to have us help you.

If so, we will get on the phone and talk about your needs and see if we can serve you.

We are Heartrepreneurs, so we won’t sell you anything.  We do business in truth and authenticity.

We will discuss your needs and give you suggestions.

If that resonates and you ask us for our help, we will share.  If not, you can take the information and put it to use yourself.

We only work with a few businesses per quarter so you do need to apply for a phone consult and then if you have a consult it is up to you to ask if you want to hire us – we won’t ask you.

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