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BlogQuestion: What Does Satisfy Mean?

12th March 20170

Can YOU Answer This Question? 

I know this might sound a bit simple. Tell me what satisfy means … yet when I ask this question at my live events or on my coaching calls or discuss this with my mastermind clients, I realize that many business owners don’t focus a lot of attention on the deep answer to this question.

So, what does satisfy mean – really?

In my view satisfy means to fulfill the results, outcomes, needs, desires, and expectations your clients have, your team has and your vendors have.  I don’t mean that you make promised and deliver on them.  I mean you go above and beyond and you don’t even make some promises you just deliver so much more than is expected that people are wowed and delighted and happy to stay with your company long-term and to be a great referral source for you.

Let’s take one of my clients as a case study.

Jill is a nutritional consultant and also a chiropractor. When she first came to me she was promising some things to her clients. On the nutrition side, she promised a healthy eating program and that if you followed her plan for only 7 weeks you would drop a dress size or two and lose at least 10 pounds. On the chiropractor side, she promised that you would have less back pain, fewer headaches and more strength and less fatigue after one month with 3 sessions a week.

I told her to promise a lot less and then overdeliver and that her patients would be happier and would gladly sing her praises.

Nutritional clients were now promised a healthy eating program to follow for 7 weeks and to fit into a smaller size.

Chiropractic patients would have less pain.

Imagine that you go to Jill to fit into a dress for a wedding and you get her nutritional plan and you follow it for 7 weeks to drop one size. Then at the end of those weeks you not only are in the smaller size, you’ve dropped 10 pounds.  You’ll be ecstatic and will be thanking Jill because you got more than you expected.

If you see Jill for chiropractic care and have back pain and all of the sudden you notice you have fewer headaches and aren’t as tired you will also be super thrilled because you got more benefits from her chiropractic sessions than you ever expected.

Yes, it’s important to satisfy customers, employees, and vendors.  Now shift to giving them an even bigger and better wow experience and watch your business soar!

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