Episode Blogs

HPR 26 | Business Of Inspiring
  Success is part inspiration and part hard work. A great example of that is Corey Poirier. The great inspirational speaker continues to work his way through with passion, persistence, and focus to earn his achievements and get to where he is now, a successful Heartpreneur. He shares how much his family has helped instill a number of values that inspire him to reach higher and set bigger goals as he grew up. Now he’s
HPR 25 | Success After Burnout
  Even our burnouts could be blessings in disguise. If you search through a number of great entrepreneurs out there, some of them only ever discovered their own paths to success after falling out of something. No exemption to that is Laura Pennington. From being burned out, Laura decided to become a freelance writer, which later grew and turned into a successful business. She shares her story success after burnout and provides some inspiring tips.
HPR 24 | Inner Confidence
  Child Whisperer and Self-Confidence Mentor Tameka Anderson inspires both parents and children alike to be the best versions they can be. Growing up as a foster child, Tameka struggles a lot with believing in herself. She then took this struggle later on to impart what she learned in her journey to self-discovery to parents who want their kids to have more confidence and happiness. She discusses the story behind building Create-A-Kids Club and what
HPR 21 | Soul Purpose
  Many people aspire to be an expert or a personality, but the question is how do we become one? Tracee Sioux is one of those experts in this arena. She is a spiritual business, and life coach and the creator of The Year of Yes, a book about saying yes to your soul. By tapping into what your soul wants, you can be an expert in what you want to be. Tracee talks about building
HPR 23 | Transformative Nutrition
  Michael Tamez, author of Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living, teaches us to treat our bodies like an investment, one that produces priceless results. Often times, we tend to opt for fast medications to temporarily solve our health problems, but that won’t provide long-lasting results. Michael shows how to take care of our health better by taking care of our bodies with proper nutrition. He talks about ultimate healthy and balanced living
HPR 22 | The Encourager
  It is far easier to have a goal than to actually take the action to reach them. Even more, knowing what kind of action to take is equally difficult. Dr. Amber Robins inspires us to reach out to an encourager, someone who will be there to support us to take action steps that will lead us to reaching our goals and visions in life. As a coach, she shares the value of being an
HPR 20 | Looking Your Best
  First impressions matter, most especially in business where you need to be looking your best and presenting yourself well in order to get the right connections. However, not everyone has the time and skill to do that. Dawn-Marie Mutell, founder and CEO of Life’s Necessities and Luxuries, aims to help men and women take the pain out of trying to get ready every day. She has built an overall system on helping clients look
HPR 19 | Reclaiming Yourself
  The business of life has oftentimes distracted us from better knowing ourselves. When we lose ourselves in the midst of chaos and noise, we end up feeling so disconnected with what we do. Business owners may feel overwhelmed with these feelings and find their business not working. Sally Thibault talks about reclaiming yourself and bringing that focus back to your heart. She shares her struggles as a mom of a child diagnosed with Asperger’s
HPR 18 | Life Should Be Fun
  Life can be quite a ride sometimes and it is not often fun. Yet, John McGrail believes otherwise. For him, life should be fun. He discusses the philosophy about why it is so, bringing up some reflections on how our state of mind affects our overall well-being. Connecting that to business, if you love what you do, everything works out. Not everything has to be gained by pain all the time. You can find
HPR 17 | Selling Your Business
  A business is only as good as its capacity to sell. For first-time business owners, selling your business can be quite difficult. Fortunately, David Barnett has the answers for you. David is a professional consultant and bestselling author. He talks about everything you need to know to sell your business, from why it is important to how to do it. He asks us to look at our businesses as assets, meaning that it should
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