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A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Your Own Business Card
Many present-day entrepreneurs and businessmen believe that a business card may be practically irrelevant in today’s fast-paced world. But the truth couldn’t be further from this belief. Despite the growth of technology and the emergence of swift, lightning-fast modes of communication like emails and instant messaging, this little card that holds your business information continues to remain relevant and necessary. What you put on your business card matters and how you design that information matters
HPR 129 | Digital Commerce
  Most people have websites that are not profitable or that are out there only as a marketing tool for them. Probably people aren’t even finding them unless they already know who they are. E-commerce expert Greg Jameson says when people find you and start to build a relationship with you, they feel comfortable making purchases from you. Greg Jameson is often referred to as an internet pioneer and has been at the forefront of
thinking which decision to make
In any business or company, it is crucial to advertise and make your brand known, no matter how large you plan on growing. However, as an entrepreneur, your drive or goals will usually mean far more to you than if you were working on someone else’s payroll. The failure of that business would be personal and detrimental. It would not be just another company going under but your baby, maybe even your life’s work. This
Want To Grow Your Small Business? Do you want to learn how to increase sales in your small business? I am not surprised since we get hired by coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, advisors, and others all the time for our business consulting/business coaching services in this area. Every small business typically needs to boost sales. To do so, you will need a sales promotion strategy and I will help you create the best one right
HPR 128 | Mindfulness Meditation
  There are multitudes of women and men who are glorifying busy and wearing it like it’s a badge of honor. Staying up to date, staying on top of things, and being in the know are coming together to create this sense of busyness and stress of what they call FOMO. People have this fear of missing out on something and everyone’s walking around tethered to the phone or devices. Lifestyle and wellness coach Colette
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