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HPR 176 | Workplace Drama
  Workplace drama usually starts with personality conflict or expectations. A lot of times, if we’re single-minded about getting our thought across and that we’re always right, we’re the ones sometimes causing the drama. Workplace civility and business etiquette expert Rosalinda Randall says we have to get beyond that and change our way of thinking or our perspective that we can be right, but so can the other person. Rosalinda has been combating rude behavior
HPR 175 | Intuition
  Intuition is a gut feeling within your body that only you can come into contact with. Trusting your instincts is a process, but it is true that once you can uncover the access to your intuitions, you will learn how to handle and commit to it in due course. One of the country’s leading speakers on developing and trusting our intuition, Lynn Robinson, imparts in-depth knowledge on how to use intuition in business. She
HPR 174 | Executive Hoodlum
  Meet John Costello, the VP of Business Development and Government Relations for a $6 billion corporation in the advanced-semiconductor market. He was born into a working-class neighborhood on Chicago’s north side and grew up under difficult conditions. His father was a talented Italian tenor with mob connections and a proclivity for violence. His mother, the daughter of an Irish street cop, was a straight-laced Catholic girl until she took to the bottle after falling
HPR 173 | Gratitude, Health, Happiness
  Not all of us are blessed with good health and happiness, and that is why only a person with a grateful heart can see adversities positively. Cancer patients can either view their illness as the endgame and dread every single day battling it or turn that viewpoint from a struggle to a blessing and live to the fullest. This is how Shauna Marie MacDonald’s late husband positively dealt with cancer which in turn motivated
HPR 172 | Energy Healing
  Good vibes are contagious, but are we all aware of what it really means? It is the vibration or energy that a person releases from being happy and positive in life. It’s not just about the mood, but also about the energy a person has. Some people seek for doctors and psychiatrists to heal physically and mentally, but there is a branch of alternative medicine that is entirely unique. Daniel The Healer, an Intuitive
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