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HPR 128 | Mindfulness Meditation
  There are multitudes of women and men who are glorifying busy and wearing it like it’s a badge of honor. Staying up to date, staying on top of things, and being in the know are coming together to create this sense of busyness and stress of what they call FOMO. People have this fear of missing out on something and everyone’s walking around tethered to the phone or devices. Lifestyle and wellness coach Colette
HPR 127 | Compassionate Self-Awareness
  A lot of people in today’s world are living with a low level of anxiety that’s difficult to work with. Those people have probably put themselves in a position where they have a lot of negative self-talk and a lot of self-criticism. They’re good at catastrophizing situations and things that are just in their heads, and often they don’t feel very well. When we’re highly stressed, we end up with inflammatory or autoimmune types
HPR 126 | Mindful Living
  What we see happening most for people is the constant desire for more but they’re not allowing themselves to be happy in the journey. Rachael Thompson, owner of Mind Body & Spirit Entrepreneur, says mindful living is very important. She realized from her own journey that she was never going to find happiness on the outside until she first fostered it on the inside. That pushed her to create a business to help others
HPR 125 | One Minute Coach
  When people come to workshops and seminars, they have the best intentions to learn, to grow, and to implement what they learned. However, when they get back to their day to day life, unfortunately, life tends to take over and a lot of people forget what they learned. They forget to implement or they implement very little. Bestselling author and founder of the One Minute Coach educational system Masha Malka says it’s a shame
HPR 124 | PTSD Recovery
  More and more people practice intentional silencing just because it seems we’re in a noisy society. There’s noise everywhere! With the rise of social media noise, you almost can’t get away from it all. When you imagine the deafening din that the ordinary citizen experiences on a daily basis and multiply it by a thousand, you’ll get pretty close to what PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) might be like. Nathan Segal, troubled by the pain
HPR 123 | Online Purpose Courses
  “We had four suicides on our base last week.” This is the call that Brandon Peele got from his buddy at the US Marine Corps, and that’s a heavily purpose-driven, mission-driven organization. Brandon, a Certified Purpose Guide, wants to recalibrate our purpose as part of the human race in these tumultuous times. In his twenties, Brandon owned what he thought was the game. He had a good job, a career in investment banking, a
HPR 122 | Business Consultancy
  In order to streamline sales and branding processes, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to choose a business consultancy agency which will provide full-service online and digital media and marketing. Naresh Vissa, founder and CEO of Krish Media and Marketing, reveals the secret behind his impressive track record with leading publishers, media firms, and institutions like CNN Radio, JP Morgan Chase, EverBank, the Houston Astros, and Gore Publishing. He is also the number one bestselling
HPR 121 | Alcohol Addiction
  The aftermath of addiction can be brutal. Oftentimes, the only reason that recovering addicts can latch unto are coaches who can captivate their clients with their own raw vulnerability. There are highs and lows of transforming one’s ashes into sobriety, and Michael Arnold, a hurricane of happiness, knows the pain inside and out. She went through her own personal transformation with brutal alcohol addiction that was partnered with fear of judgment, acceptance and identity loss.
HPR 120 | Balanced Leadership
  Being able to lead enterprise operations for more than four decades is a rare and impressive accomplishment, one that modern business owners could only dream of. To achieve this longevity across changing social, political, and economic landscapes, one must have a laser focus on customer needs, employee empowerment, and the demands of shareholders. Rocky Romanella, founder and senior partner of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC, shares how he delivers results by developing and implementing his
HPR 119 | The Right College
  People have a different perception of what schools provide and the reality of being on campus. Dr. Aviva Legatt, founder of the VivED Consulting, an elite college admissions consulting company that helps clients eliminate ambiguity in competing for admission to top colleges, says these brand names that have been around for hundreds of years carry a lot of weight, and a lot of people don’t understand what it means to be there. They’re not
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