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HPR 186 | Scaling Your Business
  Our emotions are so much powerful than we give it credit for, not only in how we deal with our personal lives but professionally as well. Dr. Neeta Bhushan, an emotional health educator and executive performance coach to global leaders and CEOs, goes deep within our emotional makeup and talks about how it affects our business. Beyond the preconceived notions of IQ, Dr. Bhushan tackles the power of our emotional intelligence to scale and
HPR 185 | Finding Your Purpose
  Many entrepreneurs are trying to find their purpose and live a thriving life. Love Ambassador, Opti-Mystic, and Bliss Mistress Rev. Edie Weinstein sees the world through the eyes of possibility. Edie has been blessed to know early on what her purpose is, and that is to be a communicator. Having developed shingles and suffering from a heart attack at age 55, Edie has dedicated her career from then on to helping other entrepreneurs focus
HPR 184 | Emotionally Connecting With Business
  Nowadays, organizations don’t do a great job of creating that emotional connection with not only their employees but with their customers. Executive leadership coach Monte Wyatt shares how businesses can benefit from having a clear purpose and an emotional connection. Monte also talks about the importance of retention and how we should focus on doing things every single day to wow that customer base so they want to come back. Discover how Monte creates that
HPR 183 | Communication In Leadership
  Communication is a key part of efficient leadership. Leadership expert Robert Kennedy III explains why proper communication and leadership must go hand in hand. As he discusses what can be done when communicating with someone who has the same message, he also dives into written communication and how long each message should ideally be. Robert also touches on feedback and its importance to any mode of communication. — Listen to the podcast here:  
HPR 182 | Knockout Presentations
  In the corporate world, presentations are very critical in the growth of companies and organizations. Diane DiResta, the Founder and CEO of DiResta Communications, Inc., shares how to give knockout presentations and why you need to have one. The world of personal branding is surrounded by critics and competition that standing out from a crowd of millions requires memorable and impactful presentations. Get that competitive advantage as Diane teaches how you can improve your
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