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HPR 163 | Financial Freedom
  Casey Stubbs, United States Army veteran, host, and entrepreneur, spreads his mission of helping people from all walks of life achieve financial freedom. In January 2009, he launched his first trading business which generated over $6 million in revenue before being acquired. He shares his journey with us as he gives out some secrets that may help you with your businesses. Casey also talks about the struggles entrepreneurs have, providing some great advice on
HPR 162 | Heart-Based Impact
  To go forward with our life, we often have to leave something behind. Marketing funnel strategist Michelle L. Evans is no stranger to that. She walked away from her global marketing strategy role at Microsoft in 2012 after a successful sixteen-year corporate career and traded it in for a fantastic community of business owners, creating a heart-based impact marketing. She shares her journey as well as the techniques she has come up with from that
HPR 161 | Consciousness
  All we know about consciousness is being in awareness with the present moment; but what happens when the body dies? Will consciousness survive? Answering one of life’s hard questions is the author of An End to Upside Down Thinking, Mark Gober. He believes that contrary to what people and skeptics think, consciousness survives when our bodies die. He talks about this different perspective, regarding consciousness as the primary basis of the universe. Matching it with scientific
HPR 160 | Natural Sweeteners
  There is one thing that Thom King came to know and that is about life being naturally sweet. As the founder and CEO of Icon Foods, Inc. and Steviva Brands Inc.—one of the largest importers, manufacturers, and distributors of natural sweeteners—he talks about the wonders of having natural sweeteners in your diet. Tying that to ketogenic, he shares his own struggles with weight loss and towards finding out a way to move past it,
HPR 159 | Treasure Hunt
  As the saying goes, life is full of surprises and so does in business with the parts and people that are yet to be explored and find a connection with. What better way to show that by having a team building activity through treasure hunt? Bringing in the fun of exploring while getting people to connect is Dave Blum, Founder, and President of Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts—the world’s largest team-building treasure hunt company. He
HPR 158 | Triad Of Health
  Every human has not just the physical part, but the mental, and the chemical part of health and wellness as well. Chiropractor, nutritionist and author Dr. Donna Perillo shares that triad of health as the whole premise of her podcast, Habits of Healing. Dr. Perillo reveals her regimen for living a healthy lifestyle and gives some tips on reducing stress and anxiety. — Listen to the podcast here: The Triad Of Health with Dr.
HPR 157 | Finance And Economics
  A lot of business owners are in situations where they need to restructure because of debt. Jim Mosquera, Principal at Sentinel Consulting which is a small business financing and debt restructuring firm, has a self-developed knowledge of both economics and the financial markets. Jim is also a nonfiction author. He’s published three nonfiction books in the Escaping Oz series, which are about finance, economics, and social psychology. He’s also the author of the Chandler
HPR 156 | Digital Marketing
  There is so much mixed messaging around digital marketing that we get confused on what to really do. Kasim Aslam, founder, and CEO of Solutions 8 and the author of The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing has spent more than a decade helping over 500 organizations grow and scale using a unique, proven, and proprietary process called the Digital Business Builder. He dives into digital marketing and the biggest mistakes people make
HPR 155 | Creativity
  It all starts with the why. Why are you doing this? Why does this matter to you? If you don’t know that, you’re either barking up the wrong tree or it’s not powered with as much energy and love as you have. Jeff Leisawitz, award-winning musician and producer, a critically acclaimed author, and an internationally distributed screenwriter and director, says it’s essential to know the why. As Jeff goes deep into the topic of
HPR 154 | Two-Week Notice
  A lot of people are doing work that’s no longer fulfilling them. It’s really just that job where they go and get the paycheck, but they’re miserable. Corporate exit strategist Amy Coats believes that also bleeds into other relationships as well which can be an issue. Amy says the online space has a low-entry-fee. You can easily get a Facebook page if you need to, get started, and start helping people in a more
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