Episode Blogs

HPR 147 | Career Decisions
  These days, it has become hard to realign your career and your passions. There is not much sense of fulfillment you get from work because it doesn’t make you happy or serve you anymore. Helping people and corporations pursue both their career and goals in line with their passions, Mani Goulding shows the possibility of actually being happy and satisfied with your life. As a dedicated career coach, author, speaker, and owner of Career
HPR 146 | Love Your Body
  Women are raised in a society where they are pushed into certain ideals of the body. This has grown into having a dysfunctional relationship with your body and not feeling safe within it. Especially with the rise of social media, so many social pressures are out there to get the best of us in hating ourselves. When asked the question, “Do you love your body?” most women hesitate. Assisting women to give a yes
HPR 145 | Online Business
  In our professional lives, we’re always caught in that mind frame of trading our time for money. Most especially for us entrepreneurs, we often think about how we should be creating and creating one product after the next. Bernadette Doyle has transformed herself and her entrepreneurial journey by focusing not on coming up with new products rather on creating a steady stream of customers for just a single product or program. Staying true to
HPR 144 | Finding Happiness
  The world often thinks that if you are soft, you can’t be strong, and vice versa. This is a limitation that we must overcome because sooner or later, it’s what we pass on to the younger generation. Writer, coach and speaker Ariane de Bonvoisin believes that we can be both and thus, finding happiness is achievable by making a stand with our conscious choices. Ariane dives deep into that ability to connect with something
HPR 143 | Yoga Practice
  Yoga is more than an exercise; it is spiritual that allows you to connect with your inner self. It provides you a way to get in touch with your truth and the beauty of who you are. Certified yoga and meditation teacher Sindy Warren goes deep with yoga practice and teaches how it can change a person’s outlook in life. She shows the power of breath work and the importance of hitting that pause
HPR 142 | Gutsy Women
  In life, all we need is an ally that will help bring the best in us and allow us to look at different directions. That person and a believer of that is Pat Obuchowski. She is the founder of inVisionaria, an executive, leadership, and team coaching company, and the creator of Gutsy Women Win which is dedicated to supporting and encouraging women leaders around the world. Sharing how coaching has inspired her to grow
  When we think of having a healthy and balanced life, we tend to go towards improving our health by exercising or eating well. However, this overlooks the fact that we also need to have a stress-free home environment that is clean and pristine. Talking about the importance of a clean home is Farnaz Dar, owner of My Clean Peace. She talks about how you can set-up a stress-free home environment because everyone deserves a
HPR 140 | Abundance In Personal Space
  The pressures of trying to become successful can be quite discouraging, but that is only because of the lack of faith you have in your own abilities. Founder of Evercoach and co-founder of Mindvalley Ajit Nawalkha shares how he found his way out of the lack of abundance of personal space to his own personal development and freedom. Starting from his local community in India, he got in touch with many people around the
HPR 139 | Winning From Within
  Many people would reach for a number of resources just to find the true secrets of success. They go through lengths just to have that right formula and strategy. What they don’t realize is that to become successful, one has to start winning from within themselves. Creator of The Abundance Game, Brandon Broadwater, believes in this. Having gone through his own rags to riches journey, he inspires people to master what is already there
HPR 138 | Health And Wellness
  Going into a diet is so much more than losing weight. It is about taking care of both our physical and mental health. Nowadays, people tend to skip meals in order to lose weight fast. What lies underneath that is the anxiety that is eating up your mentality as well. Registered dietitian Shelley Rael believes there is always a better way to become healthier. She thinks that contrary to doing things fast, we must
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