I’d like to give you some quick cash and future income just by spreading the word and sharing heart-to-heart about the great products and services we offer. When we share we grow. One of my mentors, Zig Ziglar said, “you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want. “

So let’s get you started with the Heartrepreneur® Refer and Earn Program.

The minimum income we pay you is at least 10% of the total investment from anyone you refer to one of our products. Some of our programs pay a higher amount. Sounding good so far?

I really want to reward you because I know sharing programs takes some time and thought on your part. So not only do we pay you on the initial investment your referral makes, we also make sure you are paid as the referring affiliate for all future investments they make. This gives you the opportunity to keep earning from one referral as they continue to advance their work with us including through all of our coaching and mastermind programs. Their are no limits.

Let’s use an example.

Let’s say Barbara enrolls as a Heartrepreneur® Refer and Earn Affiliate. She shares the
Heartrepreneur® Network with Karl. He sees what a great deal it is for $5.00 and joins immediately and loves it. He continues in the program for $39/month. Barbara gets paid $30 as soon as Karl has paid his first $39.00. Yep, that’s right. The first month I give YOU the bulk of the income and I do all the delivery and I only keep $9.00. Good so far? Fair enough?

Karl gets his free tickets to the Heartrepreneur® virtual summit event as part of his initial investment. He attends the summit and he loves it! He enrolls in a coaching program for $10,000. Barbara then receives another check for $1,000 once Karl has paid in full for the program.

So, Barbara made an introduction and heart-to-heart connection. As a thank you for doing this work we paid here $1,030 for this introduction. Karl may still invest in other programs or services and so Barbara can have more income as a thank you from just Karl.

To join Heartrepreneur® Refer and Earn Affiliate, just fill out your information in the form below.