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December 8, 2017

Adobe Spark 1 300x169 - Revolt! Rebel! Let's Take It To The Streets!It is truly time for a major shift to occur. If we affect one system’s change it will ripple into other systems. Today, Dec. 7, 2017, our Chief Heart-repreneur ® did a live video that was very powerful. And I was thinking about a recent blog article written by my friend, Vickie.

The two topics merged very well for me. Her topic was about business ecosystems. For my unique mind, the two are actually one theme.

When I read Vickie’s article, l heard something most of the attorneys teaching the paralegal course I took. It just echoed in my head… Network, Network, Network. One of the most important factors in finding a suitable position was not one’s GPA, it was who you knew, who you connected with.

Adobe Spark 3 300x169 - Revolt! Rebel! Let's Take It To The Streets!We do need to create a business ecosystem of Heart-repreneurs ®. When caring for my health, I seek practitioners that employ a holistic approach…they look at my body as a series of interconnected, interdependent systems. The little toe really is connected to, and effects, the brain. That is the way we should all view, and conduct, business. That was T’s theme of her video today.

Each and every one of us can create a ripple in the way the business world operates. Let’s look at the body to help explain my point.
First, let’s look at the central nervous system (CNS). It has many individual components. The biggest, some say most important, is the brain. That is true technically; we cannot live without a brain. But what supports and drives the brain? Also part of the CNS is the millions of nerves and nerve endings that cover the surface of our body, and also internally.

Each one of these nerve endings feels a stimulus of some sort, sends the signal to the brain, and the brain responds to that…is it too hot, too cold, comfy, sharp, dull, burning, etc. Depending on our brain response this could potentially be life-threatening.
But the CNS is not an independent unit. It needs blood. Why? Without the circulation of blood, the brain does not receive needed oxygen and fuel. Two more systems of the body involved…pulmonary and digestive…and those need other systems to operate. That’s a holistic view.

The same is true in business. All businesses are interconnected and interdependent, though it may not be obvious. If we are all interwoven, don’t you want to be woven with others that old to the high standards of a Heart-Repreneur®? If we all do business with those that hold to those same standards, then we all become stronger. We are creating a ripple, a ripple that will create ripples in other areas.

Many of us are already doing this in our personal lives. Don’t think so? What about that person that has been trying to get connected to you socially…you know the one. You’ve told her or him many times, tactfully…and they keep on. Why do you say No? Because something in your heart tells you this person is not good for you…you aren’t sure why, but you feel Ewwww.

Now, look at your business contacts holistically with a heartreprenerial view. Are they promoting cooperation in business dealings or adversarial confrontations? How do they treat you, their employees, other businesses? Do you feel a little icky? Then as T said, dump them. You don’t want them. Over time, they will pull you down to their level. Do you really want that, even if your wallet grows?

Don’t think all businesses are connected? How many of you know anything about the paper business? I don’t know much, but I do know you are all dependent on it.

You all have reams of paper in your offices. Most of you know paper comes from trees. You CAN make paper from almost any kind of tree, but the most commercially viable/productive are certain pines and evergreens. A few million acres of them in the state of Maine. They are cut down, turned into pulp and then have all the water pressed out so it can be made into a bulk paper-like material to go to a processing plant to be made into those reams of paper.

Do you buy the lowest priced to save money, even though the quality is inconsistent? That is not a wise business decision. It will jam your copiers and printers. Oh wait, you need something to write on that paper. The cheapest way is the old-fashioned wooden pencil…those use a different kind of wood..and the graphite core that makes the marks. Or do you use the newer mechanical pencils…a plastic tube that you fill with tiny slivers of graphite?

If you are buying low cost and receiving low quality, doesn’t that say something about how that business is being operated? Doesn’t seem that they have our quality standards. What happens if a wildfire burns a million acres of those trees grown for paper? How do other businesses act to fill that void?

How about if the price of crude oil skyrockets? Those little mechanical pencils…the plastic is made from oil. Oh, you have a computer printer too? How much of that is made of plastic? And there are circuit boards that should not be thrown in the trash because they contain toxic materials.

Look around your office and look at all the things you buy to keep it running. Then think a bit about what keeps those enterprises in operation. Keep on going. You can go all around the globe to discover how you support hundreds, probably thousands, of other businesses.

Do you still think who you do business with and how You operate your business cannot create change?
Vive la revolution!
Tim James

Tim James has had a number of life experiences that have given him a broad base of knowledge.
Tim is a friend to all. He enjoys learning and helping others.


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