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17th November 20160

Frustrated With Sales Promotion? Here’s Help!

I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear business owners complain about how their sales promotions aren’t working.  I hear their pain and frustration of not being able to convert people they believe are good prospects into their customers.  As a business mentor, I mostly work with service providers like coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, authors, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. Many of them actually have a good flow of leads or leads in their pipeline and just can not get those folks to invest in their services, or they can’t get enough of those people converted into sales and know they are in need of business mentoring and business consulting help.  I am here with that help for them and to share some of that help with you right now.

Before we go deep, let’s start with some basics like having clarity about what I am teaching here. The sales promotion definition I go by is some set process or a system of sharing your concepts with a potential prospect so they purchase.  It is a targeted way to quickly get more prospects to purchase your services and/or products.  So, what is a sales promotion for a service business?  Let’s look at some sales promotions examples that I have mentored clients who are in the services industries to make use of. Here are just a few of my favorite from a list of about 20 ideas we have put into action for our clients.


I have had clients run contests to their email lists, on their social media pages and also used direct mail to promote contests to their prospects, and past and present clients. These have included things like winning a free ticket to a seminar, guessing something to get a free massage, getting a free cleaning of their teeth for entering a contest, etc.

One of the best contests I ever ran in my business was asking people why they wanted to win a free ticket to a seminar I was holding.  I had them post their answers and said I would select the best answer to win the free ticket.  I received a few hundred answers and generated massive interest for my seminar. I gave the free ticket to the contest winner and in the meantime, through this sales promotion, I generated interest in my seminar with prospects who convinced themselves by writing all the reasons why they wanted to attend my seminar that it was worth buying a ticket if they weren’t the winner.

Free Gifts/Giveawaysmassagetherapist

This is a great sales promotion technique. I have offered free consultations, free e-books, free webinars, free reports and more.  A client of mine recently offered a free massage (15- minute/chair massages) and had a ton of new bookings which then lead to more converted clients who scheduled a 60-minute massage with her. This concept extends to giving away free samples. I always remind my clients of where I worked when I was in high school and how well this worked in retail and why/how it works in service businesses too so let me share the example with you that I use when coaching/consulting with them. Baskin-Robbins ice cream, where I worked, used little pink spoons to give away samples of their ice cream.  I noticed that whenever anyone tasted the ice cream from the little pink spoons they always bought some flavor or ice cream and they never left the store without making a purchase. I took this concept to heart.  Whenever I need or want more clients or my clients want more clients, I simply have them give away some free short demos of what their expertise is.  This works for sure!baskinrobbinsicecream

What sales promotions can you now create in your small business? Don’t just think about it.  Go do it now and get more paid clients today.

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