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BlogSatisfy Means You Will Increase Your Business

August 21, 2017

Satisfy Customers And Prosper

Adobe Spark 5 300x300 - Satisfy Means You Will Increase Your BusinessDo you really know what satisfy means?  To me, the word satisfy means that your customers are delighted with the services and products you are providing to them and because they are satisfied they will purchase from you longer and will refer others to you.

I believe we are in business solely to satisfy those who buy our products and services and that we not only must make sure the customer’s expectations are met we need to exceed their expectations and wow them.

When we don’t do an outstanding job of this we risk our business profitability and longevity. Let me share a recent example.  I was dining at LB ONE Restaurant in Egg Harbor, New Jersey and I told the waitress I could not eat the side dishes that contained gluten due to my food allergy and also could not eat potatoes or rice due to medical dietary restrictions. She told me I could pay $3.00 to have broccoli.  I asked her to ask the owner if I could make the substitution since I had a medical condition and I was only substituting and not adding more food.  She came back and said the owner said, “no”.  I then asked her to ask the chef if he could steam the broccoli on my plate that I had gotten off the salad bar since it was already on my plate.  She asked the chef and then told me he told her to tell me he could steam it for $3.00.  I was in disbelief.  This restaurant clearly did not care about my customer satisfaction experience and was not interested in making me happy and probably being a weekly repeat customer with a bill of around $70 a week.  So, over $3.00 I left upset and hungry and I shared what happened on social media, Yelp, Trip Advisor and now they are an example of lack of customer satisfaction right here on my blog.  Hmmmmm.  Is it worth these bad feelings and bad press and me telling thousands of people not to eat there when they could have just taken the broccoli on my plate and quickly steamed it since I can’t digest raw broccoli?  Seriously?

A satisfied customer is usually a repeat customer and a happy customer who will then share their positive experience with others and bring new business to you. This saves your company money on advertising and keeps your business profitable.

When you have an unhappy customer they are very likely to tell other people, like I did, and to publicize their experience on social media and review sites.  Even worse, some dissatisfied customers won’t complain to you they will tell about 15 people how unhappy they were and give your business a bad reputation.  This can actually cause your business to fail.

Let’s face it, I will not return to LB One ever and will make sure anyone I know who might consider going there makes a different choice.  This can’t be how you want your business to be perceived.

Make it a priority to satisfy your customers and to wow and delight them so you receive repeat business and referrals. A satisfied customer is most often a repeat customer.


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