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What Does Satisfy Really Mean To Customers?

Customer Service: From The Customer’s View Point

Do you really know what your customers want and what makes them happy?  How do you know?

Have you asked them what they would do differently if they owned your business?

I believe we must check in with our customer’s regularly to make certain we aren’t fooling ourselves into thinking we are making our customers happy.

Many customers won’t speak up when they are unhappy or will go along with status quo.  The only way for you to find out if they are seeking greater customer service is to be asking and to be open to modifying how your company operates so that you are truly putting the customer first.

The other day I was asked what is the meaning of Heart-repreneur®?  My answer is that a Heart-repreneur® is someone who does business focused on their prospects, client family members and their vendors and employees/contractors.

Focusing on your customer means taking the time to understand their needs and checking in with them regularly about their needs and then doing what you can to better serve them.

I think many businesses today have forgotten that service means going above the expectations of a client member and truly fulfilling and gratifying what their desires are.

Give up anything to co with convincing and persuading and learn to over deliver all the time.

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