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BlogThe Secret Process For Getting High-Ticket Premium Clients

15th January 20180

My Dirty Little Secret: Proven Process For High-Ticket Clients

I am often asked how to attract high-paying premium clients and I have a simple process for this – it is my own proprietary secret that I am going to share and reveal in this article.  I will say this – it works!  Also, the process only has 3 simple steps.

These steps are referred to a Design. Develop Deploy.

  1. Design a Premium Package with the ONE result your target audience wants and needs
  2. Develop a strategy to get your message in front of the right audience
  3. Deploy your automated webinar and consultation strategy

Client Case Study

Let me share an actual client case study so you can see exactly how this works.

Suzanne came to me as a health and wellness coach who could not make more than $37,000 a year selling her services and was very frustrated. She liked the idea of having a high-ticket coaching offering and loved hearing me talk about magnetizing people to raise their hands and come to her through reverse marketing rather than having to hunt for prospective clients. She was also sick and tired of doing “complementary coaching” sessions that were really sales pitches in disguise. She was excited to learn how to create a premium high-ticket signature health and wellness coaching program and to have automated prospects and also to learn how to stop doing all these free coaching calls to create “sales”.

I helped her design a high ticket package based on the number one result prospects told her they wanted.  Next, I showed her how to Facebook Live, Facebook groups, Facebook posts, Facebook messenger and Facebook ads to get a ton of qualified prospects. And finally, we deployed her automated webinar and her paid consultative process to create high-ticket sales.

She stopped selling. She began to average 12 serious prospects per week and she engaged in an average of 3 PAID consultations per week which resulted in 8 high-ticket clients in her 8-week group coaching program.  In this program, she provided HUGE value and the ONE result her prospects said they needed and wanted.  Each client paid $2,000 for the 8-week program that took her a total of 2 hours a week to deliver. She was working about 5 hours a week with my model and over 30 with her very unsuccessful and typical coaching model.

The first month she worked a total of 20 hours for the MONTH and earned $16,000 in ONE month.  That’s almost half the income she was making in an entire YEAR while working only a few hours a week.

She was thrilled as she finally had a lucrative coaching model that was simple and effortless and she was getting her client’s real results with this model.

In addition to making a lot more money in less time, she reported that she loved the reverse marketing where instead of hunting for clients they came to her.

Catch this point. This 3-step model is simple.  It’s effective.  It’s proven.  With only a few clients a month she now has (and you can, too!) an ideal business that creates great income and allows her to live her juicy life.

Imagine having a $2,000 offer and only 2 people signing up a month. That is $6,000 of income per month or $72,000 per year.  It really IS that easy.

My clients earn an extra $6,000 to $25,000 per month by learning my model and focusing ONLY on premium offers.

If you want to know how this works, join this free course and I’ll help you.



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