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BlogSecrets Every Small Business Consultant Must Know

December 3, 2017

Small Business Marketing

Are you a doing marketing as a consultant to small businesses? Do you do small business marketing? Don’t be a look-alike and affordable marketing consultant who sells marketing services to business owners without giving them an actual result of increasing their prospects and income. Cheap marketing companies or marketing consultants who don’t deliver real valuable outcomes with ROI for their clients and who don’t bring their clients strategies that are proven to work, don’t succeed in business and don’t make a difference for those who hire them. If you are one of those types of consultants for small businesses who can not deliver a serious return on investment and get outcomes for your clients, you will end up struggling to find clients.  If you can deliver real results and outcomes and include marketing services with affordable marketing promotions that include offline as well as affordable web marketing then your company will be in demand. img 0014 300x169 - Secrets Every Small Business Consultant Must Know

As a Master Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Coach, I have an Arsenal of 300 cheap marketing techniques.  I select 3-5 to use and customize with each client. My clients don’t want to or need to spend their time, energy or money learning marketing. They don’t need information and courses on how to learn marketing. I’ve mastered their marketing learning for them.

Client’s are seeking proven outcomes and while they want affordable marketing services, they are most interested in making more money from investing in a business or marketing consultant.  If you want to make a profound difference marketing small businesses, then you will spend your time and money and invest in learning how to market a small business by having proven strategies and techniques and having those in a structured toolkit that you can customize for your client family members.

If you truly understand what clients need and want, then you can provide this for them and get paid handsomely for creating real marketing ROI. My experience as a small business marketing and business strategist has taught me that clients pay good money to the strategists who guarantee real results with off-line and online marketing.

My client family members are delighted when I create their 7-sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan and then create their yearly marketing plan and provide them with a marketing calendar with all the promotions laid out for the entire year. Because I have this skill-set as a small business and marketing consultant and I provide a “love it or leave it guarantee” where I actúally am willing to pay my clients if they fail, it’s easy for my company, Heartrepreneur® LLC to have tons of qualified leads at our door.Now you know my secrets.

What will you shift in your consulting business to create more success for your client family members plus justify higher prices?

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