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4th October 20160

Rock Your Trade Show

I get asked by business owners all the time about trade shows.  People seem to both love and hate trade shows. They love the leads they “might” get and they hate the preparation time, expense and often limited sales.

When you know these secrets you will have more success with a trade show and most likely get better quality leads and close more sales.

The purpose of a trade show is to get a lot of foot traffic to your trade show booth, to engage prospects, get a lot of leads and later close those leads.  This can be very time-consuming. The tips in this article will help you prepare for a trade show before you even attend and take you through everything from successful trade show displays to your agenda for the trade show.  My goal is to save you time, energy, money and resources and maximize your tradeshow success.

Rules For Success

Trade show prospects will have a long lead cycle so go into a trade show without expecting immediate cash in return. Follow the rules below and increase your leads and hopefully, your conversions.

  1. Schedule pre-show appointments by calling some of the vendors and attendees you want to meet with.
  2. Always ask for a copy of the
    attendee list and try to figure out the pain that the attendees are in.
  3. Create a compelling message you can deliver in under 5 seconds to those who are strolling by your both that will catch their attention and start a conversation.
  4. Follow-up (or lack of it) is why most businesses fail with trade shows, so create your follow-up plan before you go and then stick to it.
  5. Be sure your follow up will stand out from all the rest.
  6. Plan multiple touches with all leads since they don’t yet know you or your company.
  7. Be certain you track leads and results and check the actual pay-off of all shows.

Trade Show Success Secrets Revealed

  1. Send attendees pre-show emails and follow them on social media and connect to them and let them know to come to your both – give them a great reason for doing so. (You could validate their parking or give them a bag to carry all day so come to you first to get their bag).
  2.  Collect emails and mobile phone numbers for a drawing in a fishbowl for a prize.
  3. Have a game that people can play and win gifts from at your booth.  This will create a larger audience.
  4. Have someone from your company close to the registration area giving attendees instructions to come right to your booth.
  5. Follow up with personalized emails and phone calls as soon as possible and make your follow-up memorable.

My Favorite Storytradeshowmodel

A few years ago I was helping a business owner to create something interesting to draw people to his company at a show.  We hired a gorgeous model and got some clever backdrops.

We promoted having your photo taken with the model (mostly male audience) and we took photos with their phones.  There was always a huge line at the booth!

For the follow-up, we called and said, “Hi, NAME, the model you took photos with at the XYZ show has a message for you”. Boy did we get a great response!

What secrets can you use from this article and how will you crush your next show?

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