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BlogSocial Media Contests: Winning More Prospects

November 2, 2015

Want More Prospects? Great Reason To Run Social Media Contests


socialmediacontests 300x225 - Social Media Contests: Winning More ProspectsWhen you run social media contests you gain more prospects and also increase more enthusiasm and excitement for your brand. As you gain more followers and subscribers by using a contest as your social media campaign you are also gaining more targeted traffic and ideal prospects who may become customers down the road.  You have many decisions to make before you launch your social media contest so let’s think about your contest and figure our your best social media campaigns.


Types of Social Media

SocialMediachoices 300x225 - Social Media Contests: Winning More ProspectsThe first decision you need to make is which types of social media to use for your contest. Where does your ideal target audience hang out?  Do they frequent LinkedIn? Do they gravitate towards Facebook?  Are they Tweeters? Before you decide on your social media contest you need to decide which social media outlet is best to reach your ideal target audience.

Pick only one platform and stick to that platform for best results. I guide the majority of my small business clients to run a Facebook contest because we have proven to get great results with the most newsletter subscriptions there. Facebook contests have also worked to bring small business owners great brand recognition and to gain more followers.  This is why I always say you must start with the end in mind and be clear on what your goals are before you begin any social media campaigns.  Facebook contests, in my experience, have yielded the best results for small business owners and have proven to be the best marketing campaigns to date.

A few pointers for you to follow when running a social media contest:

  1. Be sure the prize you are offering is related to your business and your brand
  2. As a part of the contest rules have people share your contest on social media
  3. Share your contest through paid ads to spread the word
  4. Use a hashtag to get the word out about your contest

If I were to run a contest what would YOU like to win from me?

Tell me in the comments and you might win what you want!








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