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BlogSpinning Your Wheels? Get Clients On Demand Instead!

September 27, 2017

Coach? Consultant? Expert?

This article is for YOU!  I have been noticing a lot of coaches and consultants and other experts struggling to find high paying clients and even if they do they have no clue how to close them.  Be honest.  Are you spinning your wheels hunting for high-paying clients?  Once you find qualified prospects do you then struggle with “how to get them to buy”?  I believe this is a common situation in the coaching, consulting, mentoring and other such industries.  How do I know?  Russ Ruffino and Bill Barren developed programs for this exact problem.  Taki Moore also came up with a program like this.  Aaron Fletcher created The Fletcher Method which tackles this issue.

Do you dream of high-quality prospects finding you and coming to you?  Do you wish you could snap your fingers and get clients on demand and do you wish you didn’t have to sell them into your programs and services?  There actually is a way to get high-quality perfect prospects to come to you and a way for them to sell themselves into your services and programs.  That is fact.  All of these experts have pieces of it.  I respect Bill Barren, Taki Moore, The Fletcher Method, Russ Ruffino and others working on this problem and appreciate the help they have provided.  The only question I ask is this… what is missing?  Many people have been through their programs and they are helpful, yet they still don’t have high-ticket programs, don’t have enough high-paying clients, are struggling for qualified leads and don’t enjoy closing sales.  I don’t blame these mentors and coaches and consultants nor their methods.  So, what is not quite right?

Adobe Spark 9 300x300 - Spinning Your Wheels?  Get Clients On Demand Instead!Ready?

Truth: they aren’t giving you the exact tools and resources and support you need to accomplish your goals of generating more leads, attracting more clients and making more money. What does this mean to you? You aren’t able to eliminate financial stress and haven’t reached $1 million in annual revenue which means you aren’t living the juicy and free life you desire and deserve.

What if you had a system that gave you tools, resources, and support that allowed you to accomplish these goals? What if you got help targeting your ideal prospects and you learned how to understand what they want when they make their decision to purchase your products or services?  What if you learned how to create million dollar marketing messages that let you easily out-market your competition?

This is what has been missing.  Up until now, no one has been giving away “done-for-you” marketing and advertising examples that have already been proven and that are tested to actually give you results.  Up until now, no one has helped you establish a successful way of doing sales in integrity and with the authenticity that is fun and lucrative and adds value to prospects.

I want to give you some professional help and guidance beyond what you have been receiving.  I actually know how to generate fast sales for your business and to do fun and easily proven marketing with compelling offers that bring qualified leads right to you.

I created a video so you can learn about the way to get more leads, have more conversions without increasing your traffic, increase transactions, and I even share the closely guarded secret when it comes to setting your fees, and soon you will have more profits.

Did you know that less than 3% of small business owners make more than $150 annually and coaches only make about $63,000 a year on average?  And less than 1/2 of 1% of business owners ever reach $1 million in total revenue! Do NOT be one of them! Learn More

I care and you matter and I don’t want you to be one of these statistics.  Do NOT be one of them!

Watch the video now.



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