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SquareSpace Landing Page Made Easy

Custom Landing Page Fast

I tell all my client family members that they need to create a great landing page and that square space provides a simple way of getting this done.  Before I show you how to do this in an easy and effortless way (without having to be a web designer), let’s talk about a landing page.


What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a very simple webpage that offers an item of value in exchange for an email address and perhaps names as well. This page allows you to give your website visitors something that will help them and will also show them that you are a credible expert in your field. You can give away some type of a helpful template, or checklists, or an ebook, or an audio, video or even a course.  The entire purpose of having landing pages is to grow your email subscriber list.  The good news is you don’t need to be an expert in web design to create landing pages with Squarespace.

Why Squarespace?

There are many services that help you create landing pages so we do I highly suggest my client family members use Squarespace?  Well, if you set up your website with Squarespace you can create very simple, customized landing pages at no extra charge. You don’t have to pay a dime to do this because they include the landing page feature in their plan.  Another big advantage is that the landing pages will match the design of your website so you won’t have landing pages that don’t match your brand.

Squarespace has something called Cover Pages (which is their version of a landing page) yet I still recommend you go ahead an create custom landing pages instead of using their cover page feature.  This is because Cover Pages won’t allow you to embed a form from your email marketing platform. You can only add a link to a button or add as Squarespace form. If you have an email service other than MailChimp you can’t easily add subscribers to your list unless you customize the landing page.

Don’t panic!  Creating a custom landing page is easy and will give you full control over the layout and allow you to embed a form from whatever email marketing service you use plus the landing page will coordinate perfectly with your brand.

Another Reason To Use Squarespace

I’ve been on the Internet since 1999 with my own websites and have tried many platforms and web builder options. I wanted to find something that was easy to use and that would maintain the integrity of my brand.

I had used WordPress with many different themes and constantly was looking for the perfect template as there were so many to choose from.  I was overwhelmed with the hundreds of thousands of options. Squarespace has about 50 options or so that I could quickly personalize with their app and I find them to be user-friendly and quick to set up.  If you decide you don’t like a theme you have selected you can simply edit that theme and change it.

I like to recommend things for my client family members that are simple and easy to use and that they don’t have to pay someone to do for them if they don’t choose to. I love the fact that a Squarespace, site gives you the flexibility to add pages without having to have a savvy web person hired to do this for you.  I also love that my client family members can create a custom landing page that will work perfectly on a computer, phone and tablet all at once. And then there is another big advantage to mention. With Squarespace, you have customized widgets that allow you to easily link your Instagram profile, Facebook profile, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile and even Pinterest profile.

And here is another big bonus!  If you have wanted to integrate an app that allows people to book appointments online or reserve a seat with an app like OpenTable you can do that as well.  If you need some help with this type of thing or anything you can get support from chat or by email instead of forums, like most other providers.  One of my client family members wanted some help integrating Stripe and PayPal options to deliver their digital downloads from their landing page. They got the help they needed in about 15 minutes and were able to give away their products as well as sell their physical products and even manage the shipping once they got the help. They told me this was super easy and they originally had a lot of fear about how to do this.

Ready To Create Your Custom Landing Page?

This is where my client family members who have used WordPress get really excited. They will quickly have awesome templates and mobile-responsive designs and a professional looking site quickly.  I always tell them to remember if they need support they can use the Squarespace live chat feature or have a one-hour email response and that support will be there for them 24/7.  As I was writing this article I did a bit of research and discovered that over 1 million websites have been built with Squarespace and that they even give a 14-day trial. I found so many rave reviews and then looked at websites built with this app that was blown away.  I suggest you look online at some of the website examples built with Squarespace.  Keep in mind, when you do, that the examples aren’t built by web designers. They are built by people like you and me who might not have a web design background at all.  I was amazed and how the various sites flowed. While they might have a different call to action button (CTA), and of course their own content and brand and image that represents their brand, I was impressed with all the examples I viewed.

I suggest you look at some of the cover page layouts, too. If you have been putting off building landing pages or publishing your blog and your ideas and content there is no further reason to delay or to believe you need to spend a lot of money or hire an expert to do this for you. I suggest you grab their free trial and experiment and see for yourself why I am a fan.

What Goes On A Landing Page?

Now it is time for you to build your own landing page. Let’s look at the components that you will want to include. The first item is your headline. Your headline should be the Core Unique Positioning Statement (CUPS) you offer. For example, I help coaches and consultants create their high-ticket signature program and get tons of high-quality prospects for their program – guaranteed.  You will also want an image or video that engages the viewer in your information. In my experience, a video is much more compelling. Next, you will need to bullet or briefly describe the benefits of what you are offering on the page. So, if I were giving away a free training showing you how to create a high-ticket program then I would tell you how that free training will help you and make a difference for you. It is helpful to add social proof to the page as well so that others can live vicariously through the results of similar people.  You can skip the social proof if you are giving something away for free.  And finally, you must have one conversion goal which will be your call-to-action (CTA).  This could be a form they complete or providing their email and perhaps their name to receive the gift or a form to purchase what you are offering.

Keep in mind that a landing page can make a very big difference in conversions from your paid ads, organic traffic, social media marketing and email marketing campaigns. Landing pages are where you want to send people to buy a product or service or to opt-in for a free gift. Sending people to your website usually means they have to hunt for the thing they are looking for and they may not stay if they don’t see what they want instantly.  A landing page quickly shows them the one action to take to get a free gift or purchase an item.

As you create a landing page think about the overall goal you want to achieve when people land there. I recommend you do not begin to design a page until you have very clear goals. You would not get into your car and drive without knowing the destination you wanted to arrive at and building a landing page means you must be clear of the end result you want to inspire people to take.

You might want to have people grab a free gift or you might want people to enroll in a course or a program or to join a list.  Your call to action must be simple and also must be clear to your visitors.  This is why you must begin with the goal of your landing page. Your headline, body copy, video, images and design needs to all drive people towards the end result you want them to take. Unless you know the ONE action you want them to take you will not have a lot of conversions. Clarity is essential as is simplicity.

Your website can be more complex in design. Landing pages are not websites. They have a clear goal. While a website might have a lot of navigation options and choices a good landing page will have nothing that distracts visitors. This will give you the highest conversion rate and help you reach the goal you have in mind for your landing page.

What Now?

I suggest you first look at many examples of landing pages to really see how they have only one CTA and how simple and clear they are. Bookmark a few pages that you like. I also recommend you look online for some sample landing pages done with Squarespace and bookmark any that you really like.

Then, grab a piece of paper or a Word document and begin with the end in mind and map out what each component of your landing page will include. When you have great clarity about the outcome and the action you want for your landing page then you can start your free trial with Squarespace and quickly build your first landing page.

Don’t forget that once that page is up you must drive traffic to the page. You can do this with pay per click ads (PPC), Facebook ads, Facebook groups, social media marketing, email marketing, word of mouth, by handing out flyers or mailing postcards, etc. I recommend you use at least three different marketing methods so your landing page gets the exposure you need to build your list or create sales or whatever your goal or outcome ultimately is for your page.

If you don’t have enough traffic after a month or so, then add a fourth way of communicating to your ideal prospective client family members about your page. As a Master Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Coach, I specialize in driving traffic to landing pages without spending a lot of money and typically do not use PPC or Facebook ads.  I like to market first in this way.  If I want to add some other forms of marketing that have cost I can and will do that later down the road. I start with no money and monitor my results.  I only spend money on marketing when I need to use funds for greater innovation of my strategies.

I have been able to earn high seven figures from one landing page with no paid ads or marketing at all and so have hundreds of my client family members.

Now it is YOUR time. You can have a custom landing page in no time and get your list built, word out, and selling your products and services can happen with ease.

If you have questions, join our support forum and let us help you.



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