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BlogStarting a Dental Practice – 5 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid

4th September 20150

Starting a Dental Practice From Scratch

Watch the video below “Terri Levine explains The Five Deadly Dental Marketing Mistakes”


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If you are starting a dental practice most likely you haven’t received a lot of training or education on how to start a dental practice that is built for rapid results.  Most dentists that I lecture to or meet at dental study clubs I keynote5 deadly dental marketing mistakes for have a lot of questions ranging from dental office financing, best practices for opening a new dental office and how to get patients.  Today I am going to share the 5 mistakes that you want to avoid so your dental office can flourish from the start.

The Five Deadly Dental Marketing Mistakes … How To Avoid Them

Mistake #1.   Believing a website is what will magically bring you patients.

A website might attract potential patients who visit the site but will not result in filling your practice unless the site itself converts those potential patients who visit the site.  A website is part of your online presence upon opening a new dental office and needs to be a part of a much larger internet marketing plan if you want to attain your goals.

Mistake # 2.  Thinking that you will use internet marketing because it’s free.

Zig Ziglar said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  He’s right.  Internet marketing and establishing your new dental practice takes money and time to bring you the results you desire and deserve.  While there are a lot of free things you can be doing on the internet, it’s by putting some capital in your internet marketing plan that yields the fastest results.

Mistake #3.   Trying to be a marketing expert.

You most likely weren’t trained in marketing.  You are trained as a dentist. You can’t possibly expect to wear all the hats in your dental office if you are expecting to build a solid practice long-term.  Marketing involves creating a plan and knowing which strategies and tactics work, creating the right website, writing blogs, posting on social media, creating emails, direct mail and so much more.  It’s a full time job and not your job to do.  Delegate marketing to an expert and use your skills as a dentist with your patients.  By having an experienced marketing mentor work with your start-up dental practice right from the very beginning you will be positioned for success.

Mistake #4.    Experimenting with marketing tactics.

Dentists as well as some marketers and marketing mentors and consultants try tactic after tactic.  It reminds me of when I learned about cooking pasta and checking to see if it was done.  I was told to throw it against the wall and if it stuck to the wall then it was ready to eat. I see many people approach dental marketing for new dental office openings handled the same way and it makes me sad.

It’s tragic to see that a tactic that might have worked, if it continued to be implemented, was given up on for another tactic in hopes that one was the right answer.  Marketing is not a quick fix or a band-aid.  We have our clients work with us on no more than three tactics, and sometimes only one or two, and stick with them long-term to achieve their practice goals.

Mistake #5.    Putting of decisions.

It has been said that the only constant is change. Insurance is changing. Business practices are changing. Patient education about dentistry is changing. The more you hold off on engaging proven solid business advice for operating and marketing your new dental practice the harder it will be to dominate your local market.  As a new dentist, starting a dental practice, open your office and quickly get professional marketing help so the phones ring, patients walk through your door and you have plenty of leads to convert into high quality patients that will stay with you long term, bring their family members and refer your new dental office to others.

New Dental Practice: Case Study

Dental Waiting Area

One of our clients started his dental practice with our marketing advice and hired us to do done for you and done with you marketing.  He wanted to be creating income right away and knew that starting a dental practice from scratch was something he was not an expert in.  He came to us and told us he was opening a new dental office and needed to create income to pay off his student loans.

We fully trained his staff to optimize his dental office internal marketing.  We helped with phone scripts, setting fees, establishing systems for recall and reactivation, handling appointments, dealing with cancelations and reschedules and making collection calls.  We assisted with how to respond to emails and online queries and even how new patients should be met and greeted and how his office should be set up to be welcoming.  Then we put into place an internet marketing plan for his practice that included everything from correctly setting up his website to become a lead capturing site.  We submitted the site to online directories and established his social media presence as well as his blog and newsletter.

A few days later the office phones began to ring and shortly after that he began getting leads from the internet.  The new dental practice began to grow quickly.  We then added in training for his staff to get positive online reviews and testimonials, too.  The new Dentist was thrilled to see his practice take off and reported his was getting great dental cases and high quality patients.

It’s smart to avoid the deadly mistakes I shared.  It’s smarter to avoid all the deadly and costly mistakes a new dental practice can make which wastes a lot of money, energy and time.

Imagine for a moment that you had the right marketing plan done by a professional marketing mentor who specialized in proven strategies and tactics to attract dental patients.  Imagine your on line and off line presence established without effort and your authority status causing your phone to ring and leads to flow in from the internet, too.

You can have the practice of your dreams even if you are starting from scratch. Why waste a lot of time and money making mistakes when you can walk in the footsteps of others who can guide you, nurture you and take you under their wing to create the dental practice of your dreams?

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