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November 19, 2017

Get Your Marketing Action Plan Working For You

Adobe Spark 12 300x300 - Step-By-Step Marketing Action PlanWant to improve your competitive edge in your business? Then you must have an action plan.  We must define action so you understand that I am speaking about a written strategy that helps you sell your products and services that are actually implemented and not just filed away as more busy work.  Many times companies create a plan of action and don’t bother to follow through on the plan. That is like saying I plan to drive to New York for the weekend and mapping out the drive and then never bothering to get in the car and actually get to New York.  Seems a bit silly, right?

Yet, sadly I see so many businesses without marketing plans or with action plans that no action is taken on or actions are being taken that are not part of the marketing action plan.  I want to be very clear here and share my action plan definition with you. Let me first answer the question and tell you what is an action plan.  An action plan is a marketing plan that includes all of the actions to be implemented along with the person/s responsible, the marketing tactics to be used, what the result of the action is and what date the implementation of each action and tactic will occur.

Exactly what is the purpose of an action plan?  I believe the best action plans spell out goals and results and outcomes to be accomplished and identify very specifically what marketing tactics and mediums will be used.  Will you advertise in a trade magazine?  Host an event?  Hold a webinar? Have a Valentine’s Day sale?

Prospective client family members ask me how to create a marketing plan and most of them come to me without a plan or with a plan that has been poorly implemented. When I mentor my client family members how to make a marketing plan I work with them to create a 7 sentence Guerrilla marketing plan. This gives my client family members a roadmap and a path to get to their marketing goals. While there are many marketing plan examples, I prefer the Guerrilla marketing plan because it allows you to have simple set of strategies, create a marketing calendar, and to have a selection of weapons and tactics that will bring together the principles of Guerrilla Marketing which are marketing for low and no-cost by using your time, energy and imagination.

JayConradLevinson for Heartrepreneur 300x259 - Step-By-Step Marketing Action PlanIn Jay Conrad Levinson’s international bestseller Guerrilla Marketing he gives a marketing plan example based on seven short questions that you answer.  This is a very fast and easy process and it works.  The format for the Guerilla marketing plan I am revealing now along with marketing plan sample to guide you.

7 Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan

Sentence 1: What is the purpose of your marketing?

Sentence 2: Who is your target market?

Sentence 3: What is your niche?

Sentence 4: What are the benefits and competitive advantage?

Sentence 5: What is your identity?

Sentence 6: What tactics, strategies, and weapons will you use to carry out your marketing?

Sentence 7: How much money will you spend on your marketing; what’s your marketing budget?

7 Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan Example

  1. We are the number one heart-based business consulting company in the world.
  2. We provide the most variety of coaching, consulting and mentoring services backed by our triple-lock guarantee.
  3. Our client family members are excited to invest in business help and appreciate our heart-based approach.
  4. We reach out regularly to our client family members by email, video, community membership sites and also offer a referral program.
  5. Heart-to-Heart business
  6. We have the best heart based coaching, consulting and mentoring services delivered by the top coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers and mentors in the industry.
  7.  We will spend 10% of gross revenues on marketing.

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