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January 29, 2020

If you are perceiving a lack of time, money, recognition, or appreciation, you are not alone. Many do see themselves in that position. That is one big reason people often work with a personal development coach to assist them in cultivating a mindset of abundance. That is one mental habit that is really important to develop while opening up a way to step into the life of our dreams.

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Creating abundance

In addition to a scarcity mindset, we may also find that we keep receiving much. Still, we frequently look at our situation as inadequate. It may seem like there isn’t enough time to make it to important events for people we care about or to have healthy meals and exercise as part of our daily fare. It may also feel like we would love to contribute more to special causes that are important to us. But until we have got that pot of gold, we might feel like the little contributions we make won’t make a dent. When we don’t feel like we have the wherewithal to make a change, we lose motivation to try because we don’t believe we’ll succeed.

We may hold back from moving forward. Staying in a holding pattern, we may find that there doesn’t really seem to be a way out of experiencing lack. While we may thrash out from time to time to get out, because we believe we are disadvantaged in various ways, we can easily find ourselves slipping right back into the same old situation over and over.

There is a way to get into a new mode of living. It is available to us even if we have been born and raised in challenging circumstances. The path to abundance requires a choice to live differently. It takes acting as if we experience abundance now. Consider following these few steps to welcome it into your life more fully:

  1. Give some of what you want as if you have abundance now.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, when you’re challenged for time, giving of your time to yourself or someone else or even something that doesn’t directly bring you closer to achieving your goals can change your perspective from one of scarcity to one of abundance. You may then find yourself having more time. It is not necessary to give so much that things fall apart, but a willingness to give yourself some time to feel joy or to give others some of your attention can go a long way. With your change in perspective comes a natural priority change as well. Some less important things might be seen more appropriately and be more flexible with your schedule.

It works similarly with money, trust, validation, and respect. How can that be? When we behave in situations like we don’t have enough of each of these resources, that typically reinforces the evidence, and subsequently, the behavior that keeps us locked in scarcity with them. When we allow ourselves to trust that we have an abundance of those things, even if we spare some for others, we can break the chain of evidence that suggests we don’t have enough. This presents an opening to adjust our beliefs.

  1. Feel gratitude for what you have

Consider what you can be grateful for beyond what you usually think you are thankful for. If you are grateful for a house, clothes, or friends and family, that is great. If those are things you are used to being thankful for, then see how you can dig a little deeper. What is a recent positive change you have experienced in your life? Think about improvements in physical, spiritual, or mental health. Think of a limiting belief that you have evolved beyond. Reflect on the contrast of how things were for you before the change and also after it.

Think about what a difference it makes in your life to have gone through that change. Look at the choices it has impacted and perhaps what it is impacting going forward. Maybe you can even see this change affecting people beyond you. How does it make you feel to know how this is and may further impact your own life and the lives of others?

  1. Take Responsibility

We can take responsibility by acknowledging our part in what keeps this challenge a part of our life. If we are waiting for others to fix things for us, we not only may be waiting a long time, but we may then never experience a change. We don’t need to put our happiness and success in the hands of others to provide it. Once we take full responsibility for our situation, we can then choose to live in abundance now. Then we do the next thing that either keeps us from abundance or moves us into it.

By following these steps, observe the abundance that comes into your life with wonder and thanksgiving. You do not need to do this on your own. You may want to consider hiring a personal development coach for further assistance in changing your mindset to a new way of thinking that supports you in achieving your goals.

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