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BlogStop Doing Internet Marketing Wrong!

April 10, 2017

Effective Internet Marketing

internet marketing 300x225 - Stop Doing Internet Marketing Wrong!Whenever a prospective client and I chat about me helping them with their business, I always ask them to provide their website/s and their social media profiles. I ask them if they understand the importance of internet marketing and most business owners will agree that it is important. When I look at their website/s and go to their social media profiles I am usually shocked at how much is lacking.

Next, I ask them if they use internet marketing for lead generation by sending emails, ezines, and using autoresponders. If they say yes I have them include me in emails, ezines and add me to autoresponders.  Again, I am amazed and what their internet marketing strategies lack.

Honest Answers

question 300x225 - Stop Doing Internet Marketing Wrong!Let me ask you two questions before I dig in.  First, can you really answer this question, “what is internet marketing”?  If you can’t thoroughly and confidently answer this question then I am guessing you aren’t fully using internet marketing for your business or you would be able to give me a full and complete response to my question.

I am going to take you through the same series of questions I ask prospects and new clients. Answer them truthfully and you might just discover why your Internet marketing isn’t working.

You are welcome to then schedule a 10-minute game plan session with me to see if I can help you.

First of all, do you have a website?  When I go to your site is your business name clearly stated with a clickable phone number that I can easily find and access if I visit your site?  Now, this is where most business owners miss the mark – does your website have a way to capture leads?  If not, then you might as well not have a website. The purpose of a website is credibility and lead generation.

Does your website have a video on the front page?  People watch videos and don’t read the text nearly as much so you must have video. Your website must mention your Core Unique Positioning Statement.  If that is missing you look like every other business and there is no reason to choose you to purchase my goods or services from.

When a visitor comes to your site is it crystal clear that they are to take an action?  If they need help while on your site do you have any type of chat box for them?

Is the website found in major directories like Google and Bing?

Is your company blogging on the site?

Does your company also show up on Google places?

Are there autoresponders tied to your site?

Are you using email marketing to those who opted in for your ezine or who you have captured a lead for?

Do you have autoresponders going to people you have captured in your leads?

Are your emails making multiple offers and are you actively having email contact with prospects and clients?

Do you have an email sales funnel set up?

Do you update your website regularly?

Are readers leaving comments and questions on your blog?

Are you podcasting and having that podcast transcribed as part of your blogs?

Are you using social networking?

Are the links to your social media profiles listed and clickable from your website?

When you blog does your blog automatically appear on your social media profiles?

Are you tracking all your leads coming from the internet?

What did answering these questions reveal about your business?

Schedule a 10-minute game plan session with me to see if I can help you.

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