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June 15, 2020


How To Get Clients On Demand – And Close Them, Too!

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Get More Clients


Firstly, today more than ever business owners are us asking how to get more clients and how to close them. I believe every business owner must have a systematic process to generate and close prospects.  Moreover, I am going to share a simple 7 step process that will generate immediate clients and get revenue coming to your small business today.

Firstly, know that what I will be sharing is proven and tested.  Before we begin we must get one thing out of the way… what is that?



We all have beliefs. Those beliefs impact our behaviors, which impact our actions and give us our results.

Let me illustrate how this works.

Let’s say you believe exercise is important for good health. Likewise, you behave by taking a walk every day. You set your alarm to get up early to walk.  In addition, you have your walking shoes right by the bed.  To sum up, the result is you have a lot of energy and hardly ever get sick.

Similarly, in business, this might work this way: You believe you are going to be awful at sales. You think selling is wrong. You don’t believe you can close people.

So, how do you behave with this belief?

You are afraid to speak to anyone.  Therefore, you almost never do networking or get on the phone.

Instead, you hide behind your computer hoping emails or social media will lead to business growth.

Your result? Very few prospects. LIttle sales. Minimal income or impact.

Moreover, In my experience, most business owners have poor results and then change their actions. They think they took the wrong action and therefore didn’t get a result.

So they do ever more social media posting or emailing and never change their beliefs.

Their results don’t change.

In conclusion, my point is clear: if you want different results, then you MUST change your beliefs.


Getting More Eyeballs On You

If you want more leads you must have what Jay Abraham calls preeminence. Meanwhile, I go deeper on this topic in my bestselling book Turbocharge Your Business As A Heart-repreneur®. Frank Kern built his business on preeminence.

Preeminence means you make a bold claim with a great Core Unique Positioning Statement.®

Here is an example of a Core Unique Positioning Statement® making a bold claim.

I help small and medium-sized businesses that have little to no money to spend on marketing generate all the leads they can handle with my proven process that dramatically reduces or eliminate the money they’re spending while significantly increasing both response and conversion rates – guaranteed.

Now that I have my statement I build relationships to share that statement.


Generating Leads

My Post 1 640x640 - Stop Struggling! Get Clients On Demand
Lead Generation

As a business consultant people tell me all the time they don’t know how to get in front of prospects.  I am going to give you a very novel idea.

What if you buy your way to success?

Offer to pay a business-to-business service provider a $1,000 fee. For that fee, they agree to send 3 emails to their database to promote your webinar.

You agree to provide world-class, cutting-edge information with NO sales pitch during the presentation

They agree to deliver a minimum of 25 attendees.

You’re now in front of 25 interested, curious prospects.

I have done this and here is the result I got.

My joint venture partner brought 25 people to a live webinar I delivered.

I delivered a highly valuable, educational presentation and made a compelling offer at the end to give even more value for free with no sales pitch.  I said I would help prospects find an additional $10,000 of income sitting in their business – guaranteed.  Ten prospects said yes.

I then helped those 10 interested, qualified prospects to find $10,000 of hidden assets sitting in their businesses. I gained 6 new clients each investing $1,000 a month for 12 months. This resulted in $72,000 of new business. I would pay $1,000 all day long to generate $72,000!

Wouldn’t you?

Let’s say you really weren’t great at making your offer and you only got 3 new clients at $1,000 a month for 12 months. That’s still $36,000.

Would you pay $1,000 to generate $36,000?

Let’s say you only close 2 people at $100 a month. You have earned $24,000 and spent $1,000 to do that.

Can you see how this can change your ability to get clients when you want them?

Case Study


One of my new client family members held his first webinar. There was no sales pitch. The entire webinar was solid training and education. He expected 50 people and only 21 showed up.  He offered a free health and wellness assessment at the end of the webinar. Eleven people requested this assessment.

Five of those people enrolled in his $1500 per month health coaching program. He generated $90,000.

Now, let me share a secret with you.

You might not need to pay your joint venture partner the $1,000 or any money.

Got your attention?

The Secret!

In exchange for getting folks on the webinar, I could do a reciprocal agreement referring business to the joint venture partner. Or I could host them on a webinar.

I could give them free access to one of my programs or gift them a product or service.

How can you take action on this strategy?

After all, if you don’t implement you won’t get more clients.


 Go Get Joint Venture Partners

Here is your action plan.

1. Create a list of 10 potential joint venture partners. Some ideas are:

  • networking groups
  • accounts
  • bookkeepers
  • business consultants
  • financial advisors
  • business brokers
  • printers
  • office supply stores
  • office furniture stores
  • web developers
  • web services
  • small business lenders
  • payroll service
  • chamber of commerce
  • small business attorneys
  • business schools

2. Segment the list by those you directly do business with and those your friends, family, and associates do business with.

3. Create a guarantee.

As an example in my consulting business, we guarantee a 200% return on investment as long as the client shows up, submits the weekly assignments, etc or we give them all their money back plus an additional $5,000. Do make the guarantee contingent on accountability so the client will get results.

4. Contact your prospects and build long term relationships with them by asking them to sponsor webinars for you.

You might want to financially compensate them or give them other compensation as mentioned above.

5. Schedule your joint venture webinars ASAP.

Ask your joint venture partners to send out 3 emails you have crafted for them. One goes out the Tuesday before the webinar, then Friday, then Monday (the day prior to the webinar).

6. Give the webinar providing great value and do record the webinar as well on something like Zoom, Go To Webinar, etc.

7. Make a compelling and no selling offer to those who attend to get more value from you.

This could be a phone conversation, a Zoom meeting, an assessment, a diagnostic, or a blueprint profit acceleration session like we provide.

8. Provide the no-selling meeting to those who wanted it.

Give value, value, value. Build rapport. Educate. Most of all demonstrate the results they will get with your product or service.  Be certain you ask a lot of questions and deeply tune in to their biggest issue. See if you can help them get the outcome they want and need.

9. If your product or service will truly help them offer your product or service to them.

10. Be sure to tell them about your guarantee and how you are willing to take all the risk.

11. If necessary, down-sell if the original offer won’t work for them.

Do not discount. Offer a smaller package, product, or service instead.

Running The Numbers

A client family member of mine followed my advice and contact 25 potential business owners over a 9 day period. He had a low conversion rate of only 5 prospects. He sold two of the five on his book writing program. Each client was worth $10,000. That means he made $20,000 within the first month following this advice.

In our second month together he called an additional 25 business owners. His conversion rate was still low at only 5%. Two more business owners bought. This time they bought his $997 a month program which is a 12-month program. He earned $24,000 in that month.

So, in only two months he earned $44,000.  We are now in month three and expects to close another $24,000 minimum. In about 90 days he will have earned $68,000.

Please keep in mind, as we work on his conversion rate this month his closing numbers will be going up and so will his earnings.

Your Potential

Let’s look at the potential of your joint venture program. Let’s say you call only five joint venture prospects each day Monday through Friday. You have called 25 this week. You end up with a pretty crappy conversion rate of only one joint venture partner per week. At the end of the month, you will have 4 joint venture partners hosting a webinar. Say each one only gets 8 prospects in front of you.

In one month you are now in front of 32 prospects.  You close only 6% being ultra-conservative. And you offer a program or service for $997 a month.  You will have two new clients for $997 a month which over the course of the year is $24,000.

If in month two you add just four more joint venture partners with each JV resulting in only 8 prospects now you are in front of 64 prospects. Again, using a ridiculously low close rate you close only of them. You have added four more new clients at $997 a month for 12 months. This means you now have revenue of $48,000 from them.  Combined with the two clients you closed the prior month you are up to $72,000 in additional revenue.  Add up months one and two and use just these conservative numbers and you will have $144,000 of annual income with just this one simple strategy.

The Numbers

To make sure you are seeing this clearly, here are the numbers which are very conservative.

First month: ((2 clients) = $24,000

Second month: (4 clients) = $48,000

Third month: (6 clients) = $72,000

Total In 90 Days = $144,000

How many more do you want???

Remember, the numbers we just used do NOT include ANY additional clients you will produce by sending out the webinar replay or from down-selling prospects into another program or service.

The numbers also do NOT include any additional attendees you may drive to your webinar on your own (with phone calls, or through on-line or off-line/networking events) or through the use of online marketing such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

You Now Have A Systematic Process For Generating Leads and Income

Where do you go from here?

I encourage you to have your own profit acceleration customized blueprint session today.

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