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“Terri Levine, PhD, is known as The Business Mentoring Expert and is considered one of the top business coaches in the world. She works with service, professional and service businesses of all sizes, guarantees her coaching, and customizes solutions that increase each businesses revenue and profits in an ethical way that is easy and effective to implement. In addition to being a best selling author and in demand keynote speaker, Terri is also a contributor to magazines and newspapers and appears regularly on radio and TV worldwide.”

~ Professor M.S.Rao International Coaching Guru and the author of 25 books including the award-winning ‘21 Success Sutras for Leaders’ that has been selected as the Top 10 Leadership Books of the Year – 2013 by San Diego University.

“I have been so very blessed to have had Terri come into my life and my business. Terri has been the breath of fresh air that I have needed for making some changes in my office. She offered only one change to the way we are currently doing business and we have already seen a marked increase in cash business coming in the door. Our return rate has gone from 10% to over 50%! I can’t wait to work with Terri more and see what other changes and ideas she has up her sleeves. She is truly a value to any business! I am grateful she is a part of mine.”

~ Julie Spahn, Founder & President Wellness Works


“As a personal trainer working for a corporate company for many years, I was beginning to start my own in-home personal training business. I have had the pleasure of meeting Terri and she invited me to one of her workshops. I attended and was extremely impressed with how much information she provided for us in just ONE day! She was extremely passionate & motivational about sharing her wealth of valuable information with all of us. During the workshop, I became more & more excited about having my own business! Terri made me realize that the career that I was most passionate about, could actually become a reality for me! No more second guessing whether or not I could do it…she made it clear to me that I could make it happen! Many key, but simple techniques that I learned from her have helped guide me through my journey of building my business. Today, my business is booming & I actually have a wait-list of clients eager for my services! I love my career and am thrilled that I have had the opportunity to see Terri do what SHE is so passionate about!”

~ Regina, Fit Results Personal Training


“Terri has got to be one of the most magnificent women I know. Her program is amazing! As a mentor, she is bold, honest and she coaches with such simple unconditional love. Every day, my life and my business shift and change in positive ways and I know it’s because of the work we do together. If you want to be a coach or take your business and your life to the next level I can’t think of anyone else to go to. I will be with Terri for a long, long time. Thank you!”

~ Marilyn Rodriguez, MRET


“On one of Terri’s webinars, she suggested a great question to ask clients: “If I could only help you with one thing in the next 6 months, what would that be?” It netted me additional work with an existing client right away to the tune of $1000 per month for at least 2 months. I love the power of questions!” Celebrating success with you,


~ Siobhan M. Murphy, MCC


“My first month with Terri gave me awesome momentum. It was an honor to complete her challenge and win the $1000 for my video. This month, I added an unexpected $3000 to my income. She taught us to do things that stand out and I did a crazy e-mail promotion in a new target market. So far I’ve ended up with fabulous testimonials, raving fans, and possible new clients, who are already referring their friends.”


Lin Morel, MA, DSS


Video Testimonials From Students, Partners and Clients







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