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Talking C-Level Speak

What Is The Language Executives Speak?

The other day I was with a business coach who wants to begin to work with executives and she asked me, “What does C-level executive mean?”. I realized in that moment that many people don’t speak the language of C-level and am writing this article to help you speak and understand C-level terms.

C-level refers to the upper-level personnel in an organization such as the CEO, CFO, CIO, CLO, etc. If you are planning to approach a company, as a business coach or a business consultant, you must begin to learn how these C-level folks speak. Having been one of them, I do understand their language and having coached and consulted with companies over the past decades I am comfortable with C-level professionals.

If you want to speak to C-level folks, you are going to need to understand them as well as the language they speak. Also, you need to realize that C-level personnel has a lot on their plates, are very busy and have limited time to meet with you or speak with you about your services. When they do, they want to know how what you bring will impact the bottom line or improve customer satisfaction, or increase their market share, or reduce turnover, decrease production time or help them get to market faster, increase employee retention and reduce turnover and other phrases like these. They don’t want to hear who you are and how you do what you do. They truly only want to hear the result of your coaching or consulting and that the outcome you bring is in alignment with their goals.

When you learn to speak C-Suite, then the C-suite level personnel will regard your business coaching and business consulting impact more fully and will listen to you and resonate with you.




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