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September 18, 2017

Wake Up Your Business And Your Life

This article is a subject that applies to business and personal life.

That famous place called the “comfort zone”… What is it really?
Many speak of the “comfort zone” yet they don’t speak of it as a comfortable, or comforting place.
So what’s up with that?
I’ll start off with a poem I wrote two years ago. Its here with a couple minor edits.
Adobe Spark 6 300x300 - The Comfort Zone           The Comfort Zone?
The comfort zone
Perhaps you need the comfort zone..for now
You should break out of your comfort zone
Contradictory advice
That’s so helpful
Creates confusion, disharmony
Internal battles fought
All I have lived
And felt like I died
So, what’s special about the comfort zone
Seems to have much power
For many it may be the most powerful force we will face
The “comfort zone” does much harm
How can that be.. Its comfort
The original meaning of comfort is to strengthen much, fortify
Does a comfort zone do that
Meanings thru synonyms shed much light
To soothe is to calm distress or pain
“The comfort zone?”
To give solace is relieving of sadness or loneliness
“The comfort zone?”
To console is moderation of emotional pain
“The comfort zone?”
To comfort is the lessening of misery and grief
“The comfort zone?”
Pleeeeeeaassse help me
I have lived so long, tooo long, in my comfort zone
What was I in
It did nothing for me to move forward, to progress
It sounds painful
I have finally learned
It does create pain
It is our own personal prison
So why is it called ‘the comfort zone “
It creates discomfort
Many of us have been beaten, literally & figuratively, to never go outside the lines
For many of us, to go outside the lines equaled pain
Oh my god, more pain
Inside the lines was Their comfort zone
We felt good, strong going outside the lines
Creating a new path…our own
Outside the lines was freedom
Our strength
The comfort zone
No comfort, no growth, no progress
The comfort zone
Pain, agony, physical suffering
The comfort zone is no comfort
Then what is the comfort zone
It really is the known zone at best
I know staying here, doing what I have always done, I will feel what I have always felt
I see now what it really is
It is the stale zone
Old, no growth, no freshness
Like old bread becomes stale
We have feared anything but the known
Way too much negative conditioning
Created within us constant fear
Fear of the new
Fear of change
So we lay on the counter like old bread
We slowly dry out
We become hardened by fear
If we stay there long enough… We mold
When mold appears… we are eating ourselves
What progress is mold
What growth is self-cannibalization
The comfort zone
It does not exist
The stale zone is expanding
Expanding because we wait for change we won’t accept
The stale zone does nothing
I know
2017©Taz (My signature on my creative writing)
So, what are you doing in your life, in your business?
I can tell you honestly, I am breaking out of “my comfort zone”. Writing these articles is proof of that.
You are a Heart-repreneur® so you have already said you aren’t comfortable living within someone else’s lines. But is that the end?
There are many consultants/mentors/advisors all over the place. At times it seems they outnumber the ones wanting, or needing, their services. You know I’m not an expert on business, techniques, and methods. However, I have listened to sales videos of a few that call themselves an expert. Most of them are a farce, a joke.
I can tell by listening to their sales pitch that if I did have a business wanting to grow, there is only one thing that would grow…their wallets.
A number of you here also do consulting/mentoring. Along with the business owners that need advice, what is it that you both need to do, especially if you want to grow?
It won’t be by staying inside the lines and becoming stale. Look at the Chief Heart-repreneur®. She is always providing all of us with new info, or at times it may be the same message, but her presentation has changed.
So all she shares is new and exciting, not just to us….to her as well. Change it up with careful thought. Listen to everyone. You never know where your next inspiration will come from.
Tim James
Tim James has had a number of life experiences that give him a broad range of knowledge.
Tim is a friend to all. He enjoys learning and helping others.

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