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  • Are you exactly where you want to be in your business and in your life?
  • Are you happy with your career?
  • Are your relationships ideal?
  • Do you feel great about the way you look?
  • Has your life turned out the way you dreamt it would when you were younger?
  • Are you accomplishing all the goals you set out to achieve?

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Do you honestly wake up excited and jazzed at the start of every single day?  If the answer is no … then the Heartrepreneur® Network was created just for YOU!   You can turn around your business and your life and achieve all you ever wanted.

International Speaker and Best-Selling Author, Terri Levine is ready to show YOU how to stop living your life and running your business from your head and to maximize your personal and business results as you learn to live your life authentically and run your business the same way.  She will help you create the business you always wanted and the personal life you have been dreaming about.

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Become a Heartrepreneur® !

  • Give up your limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties and make clear heart based motivated decisions quickly and easily.
  • Stop living your life in a dead-end job.
  • Get more meaning from your life and work.
  • Finally design the life and work you desire and deserve.
  • Potentially double or triple your current income.
  • Create freedom and improve your life in all areas: business, personal, financial, health, wellness, spiritual
  • Live your life and business filled with passion doing what you love and loving what you do every day.
  • Finally, create the life and business of your dreams![spacer height=”20px”]

Join Right Now For the $19.99 Deal & Receive All of these Heartrepreneur® Network Member Benefits:

  1. Heartrepreneur® Network Monthly Training – Monthly training from world experts on the principles of living your life, and creating your business and achieving real wealth with complete joy, freedom, abundance and peace of mind.
  2. Heartrepreneur® Network Heart-line– Monthly call to address any questions you have about your personal life, health, business or topics covered in the monthly training. The sky is the limit here. Bring it!
  3. Heartrepreneur® Network Heart-grams– 365 expressions to live by sent out daily.
  4. Heartrepreneur® Network Business Builder Virtual Summit – 2 tickets to my world renowned event where we spend days focused on doubling your income from your business.
  5. 30 Minute Personal Consultation – You will get a personal consultation to discuss your personal situation and can discuss anything from finances, personal issues, health, wellness, blocks, steps to building massive wealth, realistic goals, what training and mentoring services are available and anything else you have questions about. This is a more than a $500 value and I am adding this gift free of charge.
  6. Heartrepreneur® Network Affiliate Participation Program – This is one of the greatest benefits from your exclusive monthly membership with the Heartrepreneur® Network. Once you join you will receive your own personalized affiliate link. You will start generating income from every new Heartrepreneur® Network member you send to us. We grow with like-minded heart-to-heart members and we thank you for sharing. You will receive $30 referral payment for each new member in good standing that you refer.[spacer height=”20px”]

You will be eligible to promote future events (both live and online), educational, training materials, seminars and products through your website, email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter by sharing your personalized Heartrepreneur® Network affiliate link that will automatically credit you with each new introduction you create.

This will pay a hefty commission and it costs you absolutely nothing to be a Heartrepreneur® Network Affiliate Participation member. Yes, that’s right, you get paid for successful referrals which could easily pay for your monthly membership plus provide additional income to your household. You can get paid for becoming a Heartrepreneur® Network Affiliate Participation member!

This is a ton of value delivered for this special offer now for you at only $19.99 for the first month.

You get an entire month of the Heartrepreneur® Network to evaluate all the features and decide it is the right program for you.

You will never get this much value for the price of a Starbucks coffee. It truly is a no-brainer.

And the best part is after the first 30 days, ALL of these features are yours for only $39.00/month. Talk about a tremendous deal to create massive freedom and success in ALL areas of your business and your life!

Take advantage now while this offer is available!

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Wondering if this is right for you?  Read what these students have to say about working with Terri Levine:

Over the course of my career, I’ve met and spent time with many leaders in the business community. There is only one who has left an impression on me so profound, that it guides my business to this day. That person is Terri Levine. Terri leads with her heart. She lives what she preaches, and her passion for life and her clients is absolutely incredible to watch. Terri is a woman who can leave you speechless with her knowledge and deep understanding of how life should be when it’s at its best. Integrity, honesty, and passion are the most accurate words I can use to describe Terri. There are few real leaders in society who I can honestly recommend and feel completely confident that they will take care of anybody I send their way. I’m so very proud to know Terri and to have had the unique privilege of working with her for the past several years and look forward the magic we might create together in the future.

Robert Imbriale

‘The Motivational Marketer’

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After listening to Terri, it became quite clear that there was an alternative way to analyze and assess situations. In eighteen months, the Region had gone from number 54 in the country to number eight. I truly believe that neither my organization nor myself would have been able to grow this quickly, with such positive results, were it not for Terri’s coaching.

~ Steve Shedroff, Regional Sales Manager

Long Term Care Insurance Company

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I feel as though you have helped me get to a point of clarity where I know that this is what I am meant to do. And the session that I remember most clearly with you, was one when I thought you were going to answer my question with your own opinion of what I should do, and instead you asked me what my heart felt. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was what I needed. It helped me decide where to go and it was a point of great mentoring for me in my own coaching as well.

~ Julie Fisher, Complete Well-Being Coach

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Terri coached us in starting a business; she walked us through foundational steps and got us going. During that coaching time, though, she also helped with a more personal problem. A member of our family had returned to live at home while he started a new life. My husband and I were having terrible trouble setting boundaries, getting clear on our responsibility to each other and to him. After one particularly difficult night, we went on the phone to begin a regular coaching session. Terri right away sensed something wasn’t right, and she asked. After listening to our agonized outpouring of the situation she announced we weren’t going to coach that morning. We’d catch the coaching session at another time, but that morning we would address our current problem. We spent the entire coaching session with Terri asking questions, helping us state the problem clearly, and moving into concrete steps toward possible solution. Later that week Terri was good on her word and gave us another session for business coaching for no charge. Her help that morning was invaluable. She, with great sensitivity, brought the two of us together, gave us hope in each other and clear steps to work on with our son. Terri’s heart is truly set on helping others. She’s not motivated by financial gain. Her “fun” comes from grappling with human problems and hurts. She truly is a coach with a heart.

~ Janice and John Collett

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Terri, I’m pleased to offer my insights and feedback. I hope you will find it helpful. As you may know, I signed up for your coaching program because I was so impressed with the workshop, “Stop Managing, Start Coaching,” that you gave at Omega Institute. You are a coach’s coach and stand out among the many coach trainers I have known. You are set apart from others in the field which in many ways speaks to your knowledge, education and experience as a coach. You focus on the positive side of life and coaching skills which, in my opinion we have not seen much of in the coaching profession. You are collaborative in your approach and really gave me the tools, knowledge and the skills I needed as a coach. As a result I am more effective in my coaching profession.You do not try to solve problems in the traditional sense. You work with the client to help that person figure out how to help him or herself. You are truly unique in the way you approach problems. I enjoy working with you because you are sincere, approachable, and always ready to help. You have a natural ability to motivate as well as teach which has certainly enhanced my ability to be an effective coach. Your accessibility is commendable. I really appreciated the quality of your feedback on my course assignments. It was very helpful and a tremendous asset in helping me to improve my coaching skills. You follow up. Most institutions when you’ve completed the coursework no longer have contact with you. I appreciate that you stay in touch to see how I am doing and whether or not you can help. You work collaboratively with each of your students, and are so sincere. I especially appreciated the information that you provided about how to market myself and my business. I was also pleased with the overall quality of the course and I applaud you for your dedication and service to all who seek the benefit of learning and coaching that you bring to our coaching community.

~ Fred Copeland, Ed.D

Learning Resource Group, LLC

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What sets Terri apart in my mind is that she truly listens. Rarely does a person have an opportunity to confidentially speak to someone knowing that she will not be judged, but will be supported in any way possible. I do a lot of talking in my coaching sessions and with Terri’s assistance and questions, come to a lot of great conclusions in a fun way. I always come off of a coaching call feeling great and energized!

I enjoy working with Terri so much because there are many business issues I need to work out prior to meetings with my manager or staff. Terri helps me prepare for such meetings and we discuss potential issues ahead of time. I am able to go to meetings feeling confident and clear of what is to be addressed. If I feel there will be potential objections, I think of solutions ahead of time and am better prepared to present my case.

Having coaching sessions with Terri gives me many “Blinding Flashes of the Obvious”! My days and evenings are filled with work and family, and rarely is there a chance to spend time just thinking about issues that need to be resolved. Talking over these issues with Terri always brings me to a solution. I am able to think more creatively in a coaching session because I am focusing solely on solutions at that time, not moving at the busy pace of work and family.

How Terri has made a difference in my life in the almost 6 years I have been working with her is amazing! I have become much more balanced and less anxious, and I strive to live by the words “effortless” and “with ease”. I have learned to streamline my work, have learned how to not worry about things being “just perfect”, and have learned how to be much more concise. My delegation skills are great, which is terrific for someone who had major problems “letting go”. My management skills have greatly improved and I am able to be much more direct with my team. All this means is that I have a much more balanced life, and work is no longer the number one focus. I am now able to “turn off the work” at night if I choose to without the guilt.

Thanks, Terri, for showing me how to live a better life!

~ Chris Maher


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Just felt like sharing here what a great week I’ve had. First of all, any week I have a one-on-one coaching call with Terri, is a great week! It’s only once a month for now but the best 20 minutes I have ever had for moving myself forward!Another great thing that is happening in this affected state of mind is that abundant serendipities are occurring. I have had many people approach me to mention me to their data base. I have suddenly gotten tons of faux painting work, like four different jobs. (faux painting, like murals, special ceiling and wall finishes like texture or leather look, etc.) The great thing about this is I didn’t pursue any of it. I “Sold Without Selling!” lol I just “be” myself and things come to me.

~ Juanita Bellavance

Feedback about Terri from:

Siobhan M. Murphy, PCC

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Terri is happy, successful, love fun and has practical and spiritual tools that really help. Her passion is contagious! Terri has taught me that business doesn’t have to be hard. It can be meaningful, fun, effortless and profitable. Terri is constantly creating something new. She is a wealth of resources. She is generous with her time and her attention and a great model of successful coaching and successful entrepreneuring and being a great human being! The most important thing she teaches is to Work Yourself Happy! 

I had the pleasure of hearing Terri Levine speak at Joe Vitale’s Spiritual Marketing Super Summit” last year. I was taking photographs of the speakers and running their PowerPoint presentations. She blew me away with her knowledge about how to nurture and coach employees to be their best. I was impressed with her in-depth information about how to help people of all ages attain their highest levels of performance and well-being. When I visited her website and read more about her life and incredible exploits in business, I was so impressed, I realized she deserved to be recognized as one of the heroes I met at internet conferences. I decided to interview her as an internet hero because her information is so valuable. Every person especially high school and college students should know her techniques. They should search for companies that truly want to grow their employees to become giants in their industry. I just wish I knew more of her information when I was younger. It would have saved me so much suffering and misery working with the people who beat me down and ripped me off. My life would have been sooooo much more enjoyable if I had chosen people who wanted to make me the best I could be rather than trying to take my best and give me a pittance. Terri is outstanding. All her research has paid huge rewards for many companies. It is a great joy to finally realize how to help others I am involved with become incredibly successful in business. If you are seeking the information that will transform your business and increase the joy in your life, this is it. Great Job Terri!!!!

~ Ralph Zuranski

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My professional basketball career has given me the chance to play for many elite coaches. Yet I’ve rarely seen anyone who possesses Terri’s heart and insights into peak performance. Her unique approach to leadership puts her in a class by herself which means she gets a big high five from me!

~ Fran Harris

Author/Television Producer/Speaker,

Learning and practicing Terri’s coaching techniques have given me the skills and confidence to accomplish my dream of starting my own life coaching business.”

~ Ronda Alley

Back to the Source Life Design

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Terri’s coaching program is right on. I have currently 10 clients, and the process learned during the training was exactly what is needed out there. It was a big confidence booster to use the program base and see my clients evolve during the coaching process.

Thanks to you Terri.

~ Paul Robillard

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Coaching  with Terri Levine is a great experience. In my view, it’s the only way to train for the coaching profession. Terri is a great instructor and a fabulous coach!

~ Linda Terjesen

Marketing Consultant/Coach

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Terri’s ability to identify and zero in on what is working gave me the encouragement and confidence to make major leaps forward. Her feedback and observations are right on target. Having experienced several coaches in my life, I can easily say that Terri is tops!

~ Joel Remde

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Terri Levine has coached me through a major transition in my life. When I was paralyzed with fear, she talked me through it. When I doubted my skills, she showed me what I could do. And she does all this in the most remarkable style: she will stand for nothing less than my highest good! I have loved working with her!

~ Marilyn Larson

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Terri asks the tough questions and gets you to look further inside yourself. She is just as vested as you are in your coaching journey.

~ Kathy Nicholson,

Corporate Coach

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Terri has a true “knack” for getting to the “bottom line” through her gentle questioning techniques and incessant support. She is a keen listener and is immensely intuitive.

~ Lori Danis,


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For me, Terri Levine’s coaching was like a velvet hammer.warm and smooth, and it always hit the nail on the head. Terri is one of the top five most influential catalysts in my 50+ years of life.

~ Lee Sumner,

Certified Comprehensive Coach

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Dear Terri,

I have attended numerous self-help and coaching workshops both in person and over the InterNet. the training is similar in all cases, except for my times with Terri Levine. Terri goes for the practical. Her guidance is detailed and useful, with steps I can take today. I still, months and years after the event, refer to my notes and tapes from her.

How many community events and Board meetings do I attend where I have occasion to refer to my “notes from Terri?” She’s majors in savvy marketing that’s up-to-date and reasonable in cost.

Her teaching is professional. When she directs you in writing a press release, for example, you learn tricks from media insiders, and the release emerges as something drafted by an expert. She has an abundance of marketing information. This extra study helped me so much in our touring business; Terri narrowed down the resources and gave me detailed steps in putting marketing materials together.

She’s a great listener; our time with her was spent in pinpointing what we wanted in our business. She doesn’t come with preconceived notions of what should be done. She’s a caring friend who serves. Her agenda is to serve and she has experience and knowledge to do that well.

~ Janice and John Collett

Cowboy John Tours

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Having coached with Terri for over two years, I became more confident, direct, compassionate, and tough-minded. I ask for much more from my clients than they would normally ask of themselves. I learned these skills because that’s how Terri coached me. That’s a real testament to her.

~ Diane Allen,

Business Coach and OD Consultant

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Terri leads with confidence and compassion equally well through both the business and personal domains. She endows every session with broad knowledge, deep experience, and an overarching sense of joy. “Coach” isn’t a big enough word. Terri is a true change agent and an extraordinary role model.

~ Laura Larson

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Terri Levine is a masterful coach. Participating in her workshops has inspired me to embrace a new way of LIVING. Her unique approach to coaching has guided me to discover and embrace my passion. With humor, honesty and directness Terri shares her gift of always guiding me back to trusting and being in alignment with my heart and soul. Sharing her own life experiences and insights Terri creates a safe and and supportive space offering the tools and techniques which provide me with a greater sense of self-awareness and the desire to live a happy and successful life. With Terri’s guidance I have tapped into the creative juices that have been dormant for most of my life resulting in living my dreams.

~ Suzi April,

Life Coach

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Yes, the Heartrepreneur® Network is exactly what I need for my business & my life. I will receive training covering business, entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, influence, team building, monetizing my passion, a millionaire mindset, a clear focus of my next steps, & so much more! I realize this network is for people interested in getting out of their heads and using their hearts and breaking free of their fears and their limiting beliefs which have held them back from realizing their true potential. I will use all of the features of this program to break free and achieve my goals!

Understand I am giving you a FULL 30 days to test drive your Heartrepreneur® Network. I don’t want anyone paying the $19.99 and canceling in the next 24–48 hours. I want you to use the benefits for at least 28 days before you think about canceling. You can cancel any time after the 28 days and you will no longer be charged. This is more than fair, right?

Join Now by clicking the link below to get started in the Heartrepreneur® Network today.

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I am taking advantage of the $19.99 promotional offer for the first 30 days and continuing on for $39/month after the first 30 days when I see the value I receive.

Take advantage now while this offer is available!

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