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February 1, 2020

As a professional race car driver, I know how to go fast and what gets in the way of speed.  I prefer to grow a business quickly and to make money faster. Just like driving a racecar I want to get to my destination safely and be ahead of the pack.

My Post 300x300 - The Keys To Fast Business Growth
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One of the things I learned in racing school is that if you don’t know the racetrack you won’t be successful. Before you drive a race car you prepare to be successful on the track. You see the track, and you create a plan to drive the track.  In business, you also need to see where you are going and determine the profit you want and most importantly you must have your eyes wide open to see what you aren’t seeing so you don’t crash.

When I race a car I prepare for hurdles. When I build a business I do the same thing. Do you know what one of the biggest hurdles is and why most businesses never grow to their desired income and profit?  The lack of qualified and consistent leads!

In professional race car driving schools, I was mentored by the BEST racecar drivers in the world. I did what they said. I learned from them and I trusted them. In all 8 of my multi-million dollar businesses, I have invested in mentors, coaches, and consultants who I listened to and trusted to advise me and who helped me win the “race” to my business success by following in their footsteps.

Looking at your business, if you don’t have a systematic, omnidirectional way to do your marketing you will struggle when you attempt to race to the finish line. Your car will not win the race. How do you generate leads each day? Is lead generation the top priority in your business? You must be a lead generating machine to accelerate your success.

Marketing is based on three principles: market, message, and media. All three need to be working for you to get to your goals. Do you know exactly who your ideal prospective client family members are?  Do you have a Core Unique Positioning Statement® that sets you apart from all other businesses in your market? And our you getting your message out to the audience you desire to serve?

The next big question is do you have proper capitalization for your business? The number one reason businesses fail is due to a lack of cash to continue the business. If you are undercapitalized your business may run out of funds to grow your business.

You must have enough cash flow coming in regularly so that you can depend on business growth and not bleeding money out.

These are my lessons from professional race car driving, building my own 8 unique businesses and from guiding over 6,000 other small business owners to do the same thing.

Here is an educational webinar to help you even more, as my gift to you.

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