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BlogThe Magic Of Getting High End Leads

11th April 20180

I was reading a Facebook post today and someone was saying how “hard” it is to get high end leads.  Others were jumping in and agreeing it was a big “struggle”.  I was scratching my head wondering why people would find this to be the case when I have high-end leads coming to me through my events, social media, and website, as well as referrals all the time.

I wrote this article to teach my actual system for getting high quality leads.  Business is about lead generation and marketing activities that bring the right leads to your door like magic.  Let me share the magic of leads with you.


The Magic Of Getting High-Quality Leads

Let me first tell you how I discovered this proven formula and why I now say it is a proven formula. I started my own business coaching/consulting business over 20 years ago.  When I did, I followed what others were doing.  I got 30 clients in 30 days.  They were each paying $250 per hour back then.  I quickly did the math and realized this was a terrible business model and I was trading time for money and could not scale the business or make the kind of money I desired.  I also, more importantly, realized that people who didn’t have a lot of skin in the game financially weren’t committed to making changes in their businesses.  I only wanted to accept my client family member’s money IF they were willing to transform and if I could deliver the outcome and result they really wanted.

I find it fascinating even today when I ask people what business they are in they say they are a speaker or author or printer.  As a business owner, you are in the business of marketing your business.  So I am a marketer of business consulting, for example. Let’s face it, if people don’t buy your services or products, you are out of business.

Back to my story… when I realized the model of charging for coaching/consulting services was flawed and that lower-priced client family members got low results, I changed my business.  This happened about 18 years ago.  I quickly saw it actually took a lot less work to attract high-end clients and that they were committed and took action and therefore they got the results they hired me for.

Think about it.  If I want to lose weight and pay for an inexpensive online weight loss program and then don’t stick to it, no big deal.  If I hire an expensive consultant to help me, I am more dedicated and serious and likely to stick to it and I have big bucks behind my desire and my goal.

When I say I have the proven formula let me be clear.  I have taught hundreds of business owners to follow this model and when they do, it has worked.  That means it’s proven. The fact I can break it down and teach it to you and my client family members means it is a formula that someone can follow.


The Actual Formula – Revealed

The first part of the formula is that you ONLY accept client family members you know you can get a result and outcome for and they are people you want to work with and who are serious and will commit the larger sums because they are invested in getting those outcomes.

Second, you bring in people that are higher-level and that have goals they want to get to or challenges they want to overcome and who are willing to do the work and pay the price to do this.

Third, you need to work on your own beliefs and fears and your confidence.  If you don’t believe people will pay you a high ticket, they won’t.  If you are afraid of charging too much, people won’t pay you much.  If you aren’t sure you can get people the results you want, find another business.

I tell my client family members that before they charge higher prices and before they begin marketing and generating high ticket leads, they must work on their own inner game, their mindset, their confidence and also be certain they have a program or product or service that delivers outcomes people want and will pay for.

The Magical Question

How do you know what your target audience will pay high prices for?  You ask your target audience and your past and current client family members one magical question…”If I could help you get ONE result what is the one result you would want?”.  By actually doing this research you discover what your target audience wants and needs and then you create programs, products or services they told you they want to buy.

If the result is important and you genuinely deliver outcomes, a portion of people will pay higher prices to get real results.  High end and high-quality leads will come from your marketing and lead generation activities.

What is fascinating to me is that most people don’t ask what people want to buy and don’t really know the result people want. They guess. They use their own words and own jargon and then try to market to people who have no interest in what they are offering.

It’s one question.  You can use SurveyMonkey or use Google to create a survey form or even ask on social media, call people, message people, email people – no excuses for not doing this.

When someone says they “know” what people want and don’t have enough automated high ticket leads coming to them, I know they are missing the key point and not taking time to ask the question and learn the answer.

Let’s now look at how you stand out and why you actually can charge more.


Core Unique Positioning Statement

Most businesses are “me too” or “look-alike” businesses.  Go to a Facebook page or a website and you will see Dentists

who look like other Dentist or consultants who look like other consultants.  I call those look-alike or me too businesses.

They haven’t figured out what ONE outcome they deliver in business, e


xactly and specifically who they deliver this outcome for and how they deliver this outcome in a unique way.  To present your offer to highly qualified leads who are willing to spend big mone


y with you, you must be unique.

A Core Unique Positioning Statement has you stand out in the market and is not an elevator pitch or unique selling proposition.  It is a statement that no one else can sa


y so no other business will ever look like yours.  For example, I am the ONLY business mentor who guarantees I will teach you my proprietary Command, Connect and Convert process and you will get high quality leads using my process – guaranteed.  Why

can’t someone else say that?  They don’t have my proprietary process.  Peopl

e pay me a lot more because I guarantee their result and I have a proven process.

By the way, if you aren’t willing to have a guarantee, do you really deliver what you say you do?  Hmmmmm…

By having this one sentence people come to me as leads through my website, podcast, magazine, speaking engagements, seminars, interviews, and by referral all the time.  I never have to hunt for qualified leads and instead spend my time dedicated to my high-quality and h

igh ticket client family members.

When you have created an effective Core Unique Positioning Statement for the right target audience and the right outcome your prospective client family members want and you actually can deliver results, you will get the right leads, have the right high-end client family members and attract more and more high-end client family members.

What Actions Can You Take Now?

I am gifting you the very same actions I actually share with my own high-ticket client family members.  If you use what I share, you can quickly have high-end leads that are great quality and that want to buy your programs, products, and services.  Before I reveal the actions, really ask yourself IF you are ready and willing to be high-ticket or if you need to work on your fears, your Core Unique Positioning Statement, your outcomes, your guarantee, etc.  Be honest.  Are you ready to follow the proven formula and my action plan?

Let’s get into action.  Below are the steps you need to follow in the sequential order you need to follow them in.  They are my gift to you and my way of giving back to the world of business that has been so good to me.  If they can help another business owner you know, pass them on.

  1. Set up a Facebook group for your exact target audience
  2. Post value and content in that group
  3. Join groups that have your potential client family members
  4. Create a valuable educational webinar
  5. Automate the webinar
  6. Promote the webinar
  7. Use email, signature files, and messenger as well as your website to invite people to watch the webinar
  8. Stop selling and promoting anything low ticket
  9. Put your Core Unique Positioning Statement everywhere and tell everyone your statement – online and offline
  10. Share your guarantee
  11. Join off-line groups that have your potential quality leads and add value for members and groups

Resources And Gifts For You

As a reader, I want to walk my talk and create more value for you.  Enjoy these tools and resources and my gifts.  I am truly here to help YOU.

  1. Join this group for more ideas, help, and support
  2. Ask for speak to me for 10 minutes if you have some quick questions
  3. Have a 90-minute strategy session with me. This is NOT a sales pitch.  This is a HUGE reduction of what client family members pay me, which is $6,00 per hour.  It is only $250 for the 90 minutes and I will give you tools, tips, and strategies you can actually use on this game plan consult.  Why?  Many people who have these consults become my clients. There is no selling and no risk and no obligation.  I help.  If you want more help, ok. If not, ok – and good luck.
  4. Read my best selling book with more information on this topic.
  5. Listen to my radio show with even more resources for you.
  6. Join a local Heart-repreneur® community.
  7. Follow me on Facebook where I will add more ideas and value.
  8. Watch my free webinar on this topic.
  9. Leave a comment here and I will personally answer you.
  10. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
  11. Attend my next event.
  12. Get my Facebook secrets that helped me make an extra 7-figures.


This topic is near and dear to my heart. Why? I am sick and tired of watching business owners who can make a real difference with their products and services sell them for little to no money or even worse go out of business because they can not generate enough quality leads. I know what works.  If I don’t share it that is selfish. I want others to be successful.

My first mentor and friend, Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”.  I have found that to be the truth.  I want for YOU to have business success and to serve your client family members giving them what they truly want.  I want to create more Heart-repreneurs who do business in a conscious, ethical and loving way and who care deeply about their client family members success, their employee or team happiness, and their vendor/partners as well.

Heart-repreneur® is my legacy. It is a cause. It is a movement. It is what the world needs today. Over 2,000 people are creating the momentum to transform, not just inform, and to deeply connect and help business owners have more success and have clients become advocates and raving fans of their work.

I’d love to know more about you. Who are you? Why do you do what you do? What is your big dream? What is working well in your business and your life? And what is not quite right yet?

I am here to help YOU.

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