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January 5, 2021

Are you ready to see if you have the key characteristics you need to be successful as a Naturopathic Doctor? Sure, you got educated in your field. Does that make you successful in your practice?

Just because you have received a degree does not mean you are ready to be more than a provider of medical care. It doesn’t mean you are sufficient in other skills necessary in business.

As a business consultant to naturopaths, functional medicine, and integrative medicine professionals I know many are disappointed. Why?

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Success Tips

Top Reasons For Lack of Success

1. Being a great professional doesn’t translate to paid patients.

2. Not knowing how to find clients your time is spent trying to do all kinds of spray and pray marketing. Hoping for more patients/clients.

3. Too many patients/clients don’t commit or want to spend the money.

4. Don’t know how to overcome the price option.

5. Patients/clients don’t stay long-term.

Case Study

One of my client family members came to me with these frustrations and more. I asked what she had been doing to acquire patients/clients.

She listed the following:

  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • article writing
  • direct mail
  • email
  • free evaluations
  • networking

And guess what? Her results were minimal.

In fact, last year she spent over $35,000 on coaching programs only to get more confused.

Here are the key strategies I helped her put in place to successfully marketing her practice. By the way, she went from under $20,000 a month to over $52,843 once she followed my consulting advice.

  1. Focus on ONE type of diagnosis
  2. Create a Consumer Awareness Guide
  3. Develop a short master class for the ONE patient type
  4. Offer value and education
  5. Take payment plans, set up the financing
  6. ONLY work with the type of patient who doesn’t need to be “sold” on your value

What Changed?

She had a lot more free time!  In addition to her income doubling in one month, she was able to acquire the RIGHT patients. They took no convincing. They quickly and easily signed on. She had incredible clinical results with these patients. They came back. They referred others to her practice, too.

The outreach with her Consumer Awareness Guide and her master class (automated) was that she had prospects each day.

She had people to offer her services to.

50% of her new patients came from her guide, 30% from her master class, and the rest from referral or word of mouth.

Her staff was trained to ask people, “Why do you want to come to see the Dr.?”  When they answered they were in fact selling themselves!

Just me tweaking that one question led to many new patients.


What Is Not Quite Right In Your Practice?

Make a list of the sales, marketing, business systems, processes, and everything else that is not quite right yet. If you are ready to have greater success get your free guide here.

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