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BlogBusinessThe Next Big WAVE In Coaching to Get Amazing Clients?

October 30, 2019

BIG WAVE CLIENTS 300x169 - The Next Big WAVE In Coaching to Get Amazing Clients?I’m here with the next part of this special
series for both aspiring and established coaches.

I’m super excited because this is the simplest way for
the average coach to generate 5 to 6 figures in RECURRING REVENUE today WITHOUT “yucky” marketing gimmicks or spending thousands on ads.

I talked a great deal about all the problems this LACK
OF TRUST creates in the coaching industry.

Today, I want to show you a “work-around.”

While everyone else is focused on SELLING better,
I think that’s kind of a dead-end.

We have a much easier time enrolling folks into high-ticket
programs when we focus on building our credibility first.

I know, that’s easier said than done…

It’s a challenging time to build your credibility because:

1) Paid ads are less effective and more expensive than ever.

It used to cost 5 to 10 times less than the current price to get
webinar attendees. And they stuck around until the end and
even took notes…

Nowadays, you’re lucky if they’re listening to parts of your
webinar as background noise while hanging out on FB.

2) Content marketing will take hours a day for years to come.

I don’t know about you? I don’t want to write blog posts for
3 to 5 hours a day. Every single day. For the next few years
without ANY guaranteed payoff. I’ve got bills to pay.

3) Your prospects have already seen and heard everything in these “funnels”

They’re skeptical for a reason. They’ve had their time wasted. Or
worse, they’ve been burnt and scammed before. They don’t want
another 90-minute webinar full of pitching.

They want PROOF and REASSURANCE that you’re different.

Does this match what you’re seeing too?


All this doesn’t necessarily mean YOU have to spend years and
tens of thousands of dollars to build a huge audience.

After all, all you need is a few handfuls of people
you can help with your coaching program…

So my #1 recommendation for any up and coming coach is to…


With my “Piggyback Method” I’m getting in front of existing
audiences that fellow entrepreneurs have already built…
With the full permission of everyone involved.

This can be showing up on their webinars, podcasts, writing
for their blogs, groups and magazines and more.

When you think about it, it’s a good deal for everyone involved…

For example, I’ve built up an audience of really cool folks
in the THOUSANDS over the years… and there’s simply NO
WAY for me to help them ALL by myself.

That’s why I LOVE to feature other smart coaches in my
podcast, blog and magazine who I know I can rely on.
(You’ll soon see how you can piggyback my brand!)

And there are hundreds of other people like me out there!

With my “Piggyback Method” you can build INSTANT TRUST
with new, warm audiences, since you’re getting the blessings
of someone they already know, like and trust.

But why stop there?

Over the years I’ve created a really strong “Getting To Know You”
offer that’s easy to say yes to…

It’s so I can prove myself to my new “piggyback audience” and
get them one step closer to solving their problems… before any
money exchanges hands.

For me, that offer is my free Heart-repreneur® Academy.

For you, it can be something else…

The point is to develop your own “Piggyback Method”
With at least one high-trust traffic source and one
“Getting To Know You” offer that your new, borrowed
audience will have an easy time saying yes to.

Putting it in dating terms, again, for easier understanding…

You’ll want a friend who knows a bunch of really great
guys or gals to introduce you to them. AND
You’ll want an amazing first-date idea you can bring up
once you get introduced to someone you like.

Do you see how much easier, simpler and how much
more FUN that’d be than striking up conversations
with thousands of random weirdos in hopes of
finding the one?:-)

Do it right and you’ll quickly face MOUNTAINS OF DEMAND…
As more and more people pile up who have taken your
“Getting To Know You Offer.”

Good folks who are desperate for someone with integrity
to finally help them.

If you’re ready for it…

I want to show you exactly how you can use my “Piggyback
Method” to connect with people who need YOUR HELP,
knowledge and expertise…

And I’m not only talking about training and hands-on help, but…

Once you’re ready, I want you to piggyback off MY brand.

That’s right!

I want to introduce you to my own audience and help
you build connections and share your unique gifts with
more people.

That alone may help you get your first few clients.

Getting paid $2k to $5k per client from 5 people at once
who are HAPPY to work with you isn’t unheard of.

(And if my audience doesn’t fit you, you’ll have new ways to
connect with and give value to other people’s audiences
without being spammy or annoying.)

Now, in the coming days…

I’ll release all the details about my program. But for now
would you do me a favor?

I’d be really curious to know when I do open up spots…
If you’d be interested in joining us?

Write me an email to:


With the word “RSVP!” and I’ll fill you in with the deets.

With Love,

Dr. Terri Levine

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