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May 8, 2018

Why Your Business Growth Strategies Keep You From The 7 Figure Business Level

My Post 300x300 - The Secrets To Business GrowthIn this article, I will share the truth of why your business growth strategies may actually be holding you back from making at least 6 figures and for sure 7 figures.

I know how you can have small business growth and that you want it.

What’s needed?


A sustainable and predictable business that operates independently of you.

No matter what stages of development your business is at, you must build a sustainable, predictable and manageable business that allows you to have the three things that motivate nearly EVERY 6 and 7 figure business owner I know has.  I have seen this pattern, as a business growth consultant and clearly identified what you are in need of.

They are:

These are the 3 missing systems required for you to move past where you are now in your business to achieve a highly profitable and sustainable business that gives you a lifestyle of time and freedom as well.

If you are ready to put in the hard work and dedication to execute what is needed to take control over your business, this article will help you break through to the next level.

To get you inspired here are two of my favorite business growth quotes.4a0a5f6597617016d885a9ade464fd3d 300x300 - The Secrets To Business Growthb185027cdd2760228af9ff80b1dfaceb 300x300 - The Secrets To Business Growth


You’ve been working your butt off building your business but your income isn’t where you want or need it to be? Making 6 figures in profit is a huge struggle. You find yourself having to do all the direct work with clients to generate the revenue. In the meantime, you are wearing so many hats on top of the direct client work, that when you do finally sit down after a day of work, your head is still spinning, and you can’t really “wind down”.

Your spouse or partner might tell you that you aren’t fully present with them and are distracted by your work and that has you feeling guilty. Although you know they are right, you still feel pulled to pick up your phone or run to your computer to check your email for important messages that you “must” reply to.

You have messages from your clients, referrers and potential leads and you are scared that if you don’t respond fast your business won’t be successful. You are compelled to check your email, then you quickly switch over to Facebook to see who has “liked” or engaged with your latest post. You check social media and respond, then you repeat the entire cycle over again and continue this cycle until you finally go to bed. You’re mentally drained.

You don’t see a way out. You can’t see light at the end of the tunnel. You’ve tried so many different things to change your situation and make your business successful, but at best they’ve offered only temporary respite and no lasting results. You want to earn but you can’t work any harder than you are already. It’s either work harder to earn more and then have NO life OR stay stuck.

The clients you have, often don’t listen to your advice and don’t follow your recommendations, and some of your clients drain you leaving you exhausted and frustrated. The non-stop helping clients, rushing from task to task is taking its toll, and the thought of doing it for another 10 years is frightening. You have a deep burning desire to earn more money, to grow to 10k, 20k or even 40k a month, yet it feels like a “myth” and the question that’s often in your mind is… Is it really possible to get to 10, 20 or 40k/mth? And by getting that growth, does that mean that you’ll have to work EVEN harder?

It’s hard just to maintain your current income level but you feel like if you stop, your business will fall apart. You’re so sick of everyone saying “success isn’t everything” or “just be positive” and even “money isn’t everything”… Like they’d know. Do they have success, money or freedom themselves? Didn’t think so. Naysayers are even worse than haters. Maybe you even feel like there’s no other option but to settle?

Going on vacation is almost impossible, and if you do go, then you don’t earn money, and it often takes months to get back up to speed (and even when you’re away, your mind is constantly on business). So, you’re stuck in a dilemma, working hard, but you’re not seeing enough reward for your efforts. Not enough income. Not enough time off. Not enough peace of mind. Not enough freedom. And right now, it’s come to a pivotal point, you’ve had enough and you have hit a fork in the road.

You need to finally make your business work or you might even need to find a job.

Did any of these sound like you?  I got these from actual clients I have consulted with who are in your same situation.  So, now let’s look at…


First of all, you being the one to drive your business revenue isn’t going to get you there. You most likely will not hit 6 figures or ever get to a million per year as a solo-preneur. The math doesn’t work. You would have to charge HUGE money and work a gazillion hours a week and then forfeit having time and freedom when you do that.

I’m guessing you have tried this in the past if you are a coach, consultant, therapist, chiropractor, or any service professional for that matter. You’ve tried to grow but all that happened is as your income GROWS so does your tiredness, exhaustion and the dependence of your business on you. You are the business. You end up having to work ridiculous hours and can only make a lot of money if you have premium pricing and also are a workaholic. This will never be attained by most solo-preneurs.

You really need to be the one driving a team but you generate most of the revenue and profits by clients working directly with you. New clients want you to work with them because you are the owner.

Your network almost always refers their clients to you personally.

In fact, in most cases, if you remove the business owner, business profits drop very quickly.

Until you have a systemized structure for client conversion, retention and service delivery so that your team can produce the same profits that you do, you don’t have a business, and you’ll keep playing small. Stuck. My Post 1 300x300 - The Secrets To Business GrowthHandcuffed to your business.

Most solo-preneur businesses are driven by the owner working with clients.

And most solo-preneurs don’t have a predictable marketing system to generate new clients without exchanging their own time and energy.

Everyone knows that marketing is the absolute backbone of your business and without a constant supply of new clients, you can’t grow. It is that simple.

The problem for most is that they simply aren’t getting enough new clients to grow predictably. Why not? They don’t have a reliable online and social media marketing strategy.

Instead, they depend on word of mouth referrals from existing clients and their network. Now, word of mouth referrals are great.

BUT… and this is HUGE – you can’t CONTROL them – they are not predictable or reliable.

If you depend on word of mouth for new clients, then you never truly have control over your growth. You’ll only ever get a trickle of new clients. It’s unpredictable and it will keep you playing small.

And for those that have attempted online and social media marketing, most of the time they lack the time and expertise to adopt an effective strategy. It’s hit and miss IF they are lucky.

To fuel your business engine and create your small business growth, you must overhaul your marketing and transition from relying on word of mouth, referrals and manual marketing like visiting referrers, calling people, doing flyers, sending letters, placing ads or going to networking events and transition to automated, scalable, reliable and predictable online lead generation…the ability to generate leads on demand.

Your Business Model Is Broken

Untitled 1 1 300x300 - The Secrets To Business GrowthIt’s likely that you’ve achieved some decent business growth. You’ve made some good decisions, you’ve developed some strategies, but the problem is, you don’t have a team or if you do they aren’t executing as well as you. Because of that, clients are not retained as well as they should be. Clients aren’t followed up. Your team isn’t winning referrals and you are stuck doing all the work.

Because of your marketing and networking and because you are the owner, everyone wants to work with you. Small leaks happen, and then…over time they develop into gaping holes, money pits, sucking you dry. You don’t have a team to help and if you do, no matter what you do, your team just don’t seem to “get it”. So you respond. You do the extra work for them, you help all the clients, you juggle more balls because you know that they can’t do it as well as you can (or so you think right now). And so the cycle of overwork, exhaustion, and dependency on you worsens. Or you speak to your team or email them to bring about change, but nothing changes for long. Or they push back on you, and you either blow up and explode and make things worse or you back away, further developing a culture of lack of accountability and resistance to your leadership.

You may find yourself throwing your hands in the air, asking “what the heck is wrong with people these days?” Or even worse “what’s wrong with me?” You may get frustrated that you aren’t seeing growth in your small business.

STOP. There’s nothing wrong with you or your team. It’s your business model. And it’s broken. Until you have the business model and frameworks in place, you’ll have no team or a team of underperforming individuals, leaving you chained to stressful “self-employment”.

You’ll never get the freedom you want if you don’t make a major change right now. If you are to ready to grow by 6 figures or more while working less, you need to build a team that performs at their peak together, that follow your instructions to the letter. You actually need to build a business. It’s time for you to know the right business growth strategies to take your business to the next level.

The question is …

How do you grow a highly profitable business, that serves your clients and your team even better, without working your life away and becoming a slave to your businesses?

Let me say this first … growing a highly successful business, one that produces 6 figures, 7 figures or even multi 7 figures per year isn’t complex when you know how you just don’t know how (yet).  You need to learn proven business growth strategies and understand the stages of development for a business.

Really the bigger question I ask is, how do you generate 10, 20, 40k a month without it being dependent on you and your time? In other words, how do you transition from “self-employment” to owning a “thriving company”…?

Untitled 2 300x300 - The Secrets To Business GrowthI believe that EVERY solo-preneur on the planet both desires and deserves the income they dream of, the ability to have independence from their business and to be paid while on vacation, chilliax’n or just reducing their hours to a minimum and to help a lot of people and make an impact they can reflect on in years to come and to be happy with their legacy. After working with over 5000 business owners worldwide as a business growth consultant and business growth strategist over many decades…

I can tell you there are ONLY 3 key shifts you must make.

The 3 Key Shifts

First, to increase your likelihood of making 6 or 7 figures you must build a replicable system that has a team driving the revenue for your business. Statistically speaking, the more team you have, the more scale and leverage you have. PROVIDING they are executing EXACTLY like you.

Second, you must have a system for absolutely EVERYTHING so that you can transition from being in the engine room running your business to becoming the architect, the designer that simply calls the shots. Until you have systems that handle everything for you, without your involvement, then YOU are the system. To get to 6 and 7 figures, to achieve scale, leverage and time freedom so that you are constantly growing and in a state of FLOW you must adopt NEW systems. Systems that already proven and tested. Otherwise, you are reinventing the wheel.

The Profitable Business Model

Untitled 2 1 300x300 - The Secrets To Business GrowthI know it’s hard to believe right now, but creating a 6 and even 7 figure business is possible, not only that but there are thousands of business owners living that lifestyle…so why aren’t you?

Imagine for a second if each day you woke up knowing that you didn’t have to work with clients if you didn’t want to…or that you could chill out for the day knowing that your team will do all the work that you used to do, for you.

Imagine each and every night, having “real” downtime where you’re completely present with your partner, friends or children, without being “stuck” in your head thinking about your business and running through the hundreds of “what if” scenarios that you have trained yourself to repeat on a never-ending loop…

And feeeeeeeeeel how different your business would look if you were booked out weeks ahead, for everyone on your team with a predictable online marketing system that doesn’t require your time involvement.

Whatever your big motivation is, I want you to know there is literally NO reason for you to suffer anymore. In fact, there is a specific way you SHOULD build your business, and it’s based on some KEY metrics from proven business growth strategies and models.

If you know there’s more “out there” for you, and you need to overhaul your business model to have a business that has the potential to grow to 10, 20 even 40k a month…then I want to help you.

The Business Growth Accelerator Method

My proven method has core frameworks so that you grow with predictability and confidence. And each framework is built on very specific and simple step-by-step strategies.

Are you ready to see how this works in action?

Then book a call and let’s see how to apply this to your business!

Join our community and get our free resources and let us help you.

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