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business advicebusiness consultingThese Four Signs Will Tell You If You Are On The Wrong Career Path

March 8, 2021

Many people have experienced this terrible feeling of discomfort at work. Imagine spending five years at a university, studying to fulfill your dream of working in what you like the most. However, when you start working, nothing is what you expected. Don’t worry; you are not the only one who has had this bad experience. It is more common than you think, unfortunately.

If you are in your “ideal job”, the one related to what you studied, what should you do if you feel uncomfortable? Give up or give it a second chance? You may not know the signs that identify a terrible job; for that reason, in this article, we will explore what circumstances are clear messages that you are in the wrong workplace.

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Are you on the right career path?

Salary Below Average

Statistics is a significant factor when making decisions. If you have not started college yet, this advice is for you: evaluate how much a professional earns in the career you want to study. There are several studies on the Internet that collect information on salaries in the United States. This data can tell you what percentage of professionals earn that amount and what are the odds that a recent graduate will earn above a certain amount of money. That information is your guide to whether the salary offered by the company is right for you or not.

For example, a Zip Recruiter study says that software engineers earn on average $91,886 per year, $44 per hour. However, those numbers vary depending on where you are, as the demand for employees changes considerably. If your salary is not even close to average, you should say goodbye to your current job.

Pessimistic Mentality

A good boss and a powerful company turn little things into opportunities to grow and motivate employees. If you’ve already been to university, it’s time to remember that first year, where you saw yourself in your dreams as a professional, in a large company, doing great large-scale projects … but now, in your company, boredom is the only thing you see.

Is it okay to leave a job just because the company doesn’t have great goals? What if the salary is good despite everything? The downside of being in a job without clear goals is that your professional performance declines over time. If you can’t practice everything you learned as a student, then that knowledge will gradually disappear.

You Are Not Taken Into Account

This point can be a complement to the previous one. Many workers stay for years in a company, always exercising the same role, earning the same salary. We must not confuse the word “stability” with “conformism”. Having an upward journey is the natural line in all jobs. If you have worked for a long time for the same company and your position has never changed, then perhaps they are not taking into account your full potential.

You Suffer Abuse

Abuses at work are more constant than you think. In 2017, a Statista study revealed that 13 percent of men and 12 percent of women had suffered verbal abuse in their workplace. But this type of aggression is not the only one that you can observe in a toxic work. For years, abuse reports have included physical abuse, sexual harassment, death threats, theft of property, work plots, and much more. Did you think that the work environment was perfect, as your boss said before hiring you? Yes, we have all fallen into that trap.

These are not behaviors that you should tolerate. Thousands of employees must suffer these abuses because the salary is their only income. It is unfortunate having to put up with all kinds of aggression just for money. But in this article, we are here to help you: discuss with a supervisor or manager the entire situation. If your boss is the aggressor, find someone higher than him and explain how you feel. If no one can help you, then you should leave that place. Being consistent and professional will help you get a better job to take care of your health and have a good income.


Work can be hell, but staying there is your decision no one else’s. We want to help you so that your experience at work enables you to be a better professional, and you can achieve great things, taking care of yourself and your stability.

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