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March 23, 2020

Powerful Business Growth – Surprising Information

Have you ever heard of the Socratic Method?  I have been sharing this method with my personal coaching clients for many years. Today I will share how this same method will help you grow your business. Get ready to be surprised!

What is the Socratic Method? It is a way to stimulate thought. My client family members who are ready to stimulate business growth all learn these questions. Are you ready for the same amazing results they have? I’ll now reveal the questions.

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Grow Your Business

The first series of questions are designed to put you in a positive state of mind. When you are in a more positive mindset you can then receive answers.

First ask: What am I grateful for today?

Next: What are my most positive aspects that I am proud of?

Ask: What did I do really well today?

Finally: What are my biggest blessings?

Answer these questions every single day in a journal.

Are you ready for the second series of questions?

Here they are.

What could I do better than another business like mine is already doing?

If I could blink my eyes and change one thing about myself what one thing would I choose to change?


Again, answer these questions daily in your journal.

Now you are ready to stimulate new ideas and new ways of thinking. Let’s continue.

Answer these questions in your journal.

What would (pick your role model) do in my situation?

If I had all the money and resources I needed, how would I change my company, my products, my services?

How could I achieve the same result I desire in my business without all the money and resources?

Stimulate Your Thinking

This entire exercise of daily journaling will help stimulate new ideas and open up more powerful and creative thoughts. Most businesses get stuck in the same old patterns of thought and this is why they do not grow. The biggest business success secret is to simulate radically new ways of thinking. This method works.

Open up your mind. Become curious. Ask the right questions and notice the answers you receive. Be aware.

I am here to help you grow your business and your wealth. Watch this educational webinar now. You will have more tips for powerful business growth.

If you want or need help, comment below.


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