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October 20, 2020

The Coronavirus has been an economic blow. Job losses and quarantining have resulted in the decline and compromise of both big and small businesses. This is not only discouraging to business owners, but it also leaves them feeling somewhat hopeless. No one had the hindsight of how severely this pandemic was going to affect life as we knew it. However, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost and you have to throw in the towel. Here are three ways that you can stay in business:

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3 Tips

Gift Cards

Although businesses are starting to re-open in some parts of the U.S., many people are still hesitating to go out to restaurants, salons, coffee shops, clothing stores, or other locations they would frequent under more normal circumstances. No need to pressure anyone into walking through your doors. Just give the option of buying a gift card.

If someone buys a gift card, you’ll have money coming in to sustain your business. It also lets the consumer know that it’s okay if they’re not ready to come to your location yet, but that they can always use the cash on the gift card in the future. Just make sure that the gift card doesn’t have an expiration date.


To be fair, you should have a digital presence anyway. If you don’t already, use the pandemic as an incentive to create a website. It doesn’t have to be too fancy (although ideally, you’d want to eventually invest in a domain). Make the layout reflect your aesthetic while also being easy enough for the average person to navigate.

It would be advantageous to give online shoppers extra incentives to spend more. Free shipping on orders is one way to appeal to customers. Putting out exclusive online deals or special sales is another way to entice potential shoppers. Even small freebies included with purchases may tip someone into treating themselves.

Snail Mail Coupons

About two weeks before the 4th of July, I received a snail mail coupon from a company that sells fireworks. The coupon featured a gigantic arsenal of explosives for about 25% of the original cost. Personally, I like to keep my organs physically intact, so I just put the coupon through the paper shredder and promptly forgot about it.

In the weeks that followed, I constantly heard the sounds of fireworks erupting every night. On my bike rides and hikes in the mornings that followed I recognized the firework company’s logo from the litter that various midnight troublemakers had left behind. Basically, people had taken advantage of the snail mail deal and had gone wild.

The advantage of snail mailing coupons is that you’re not only giving existing customers the opportunity to buy things from you, you’re also creating opportunities for new customers to become aware of your existence. You’re increasing your customer base without having anyone step outside of the comfort of the perimeter of their home.

Perseverance is one of the keys to a thriving business. COVID may have thrown a wrench into the clockwork of day-to-day life, but it will not stop its clogs from turning. This is a time to do business differently, not cease it altogether.

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