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BlogThree Takeaways From Nugget’s Graduation…

April 30, 2018

and ALL are relevant for you today.

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When Nugget came to us at 8 months old, he was a nut job! Counter surfing, tissue eating, sock grabbing and jumping up to practically knock you over were just a few of his many talents and skills.

To his credits, he was already crated and potty trained and was a super rider in the car. He’s so quiet, we sometimes forget he’s even in the car! As a result, we take him with us most times we go anywhere.  In fact, my husband and I have often said we should have named him Visa… we never leave home without him!

This is Nugget when he graduated from Puppy kindergarten, his first round of obedience school.  At that time, he still had more training ahead of him.  Three more 8-week programs to be exact.

However, over the years, with reinforcements, we started to see a change.  With A LOT of over and over again training, love, and guidance, he’s turned into a wonderful well-mannered member of our family. Only grabbing a tissue now and again remain on his bad list.

It occurred to me, as I looked at him snoozing at my feet, my career and probably yours too, are much like his life journey. 

We start out sort of all over the place. Not knowing what’s expected of us. Questioning what boundaries we have. Or what direction are we to go. Maybe not as bad as a total “nut case”…but certainly floundering.

Then over the years, the first thing we do is expand our knowledge. We enter school. As things arise we don’t know, we research and discern what’s important and needed to continue along life’s path.

The second thing we do is train or practice. We implement what we’ve learned and done it over and over until we get better at it and ultimately get it right.

As a result, we grow. We mature and become more disciplined. Eventually, becoming a viable member either to our own business and our self or to a company as their employee.

This third and final piece, however, is what makes the first two even possible.  It’s someone to offer direction. 

Starting out, you might have a favorite teacher who helped guide you. Or in college, maybe a certain professor kept you on the right path.  In Nugget’s case, it was the super patient obedience class instructor who not only worked with Nugget but also trained us how to train the dog!

Hopefully, you didn’t begin your career eating socks or counter surfing for food! With Nugget’s 7th birthday coming up, I’m reliving how far he’s come.  It became clear how he transformed into the “good boy” he now is.  He (and we) learned. We practiced. And we started with someone to instruct us.


Regardless of what you do for your livelihood, or where you are in the process of your career, like Nugget, there are still things to learn and practice to be better. But it starts with someone who already knows. That’s why I always recommend engaging a mentor or an expert in your field as you continue your life journey.

I would venture to say, with our continued efforts and training, Nugget will be even better than he is today.  There are still many fun tricks we can teach him, so he can enjoy his doggie life to the fullest.

Certainly, with the guidance of an expert or mentor in your field, you too will continue to learn, train and grow to achieve and live your life to the fullest as well.

Continued success!

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