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Tips For A Killer Business Proposal

In Need Of A Business Proposal?

I am often asked, as a business mentor, “Do you have a business proposal template that I can use?” Many clients are being asked to deliver a business proposal and don’t have an effective template to follow. Without the right structure to create a great business proposal and without the knowledge of how to create an effective business proposal it is difficult to get results.  I think all business owners need to know how to write a business proposal so today I will share a sample business proposal and give tips how to write one.

How To Write A Business Proposal

Begin by taking time to fully research the potential client. You must understand what it is they are expecting from your company and what the outcomes are they are seeking before you begin writing the proposal. I always spend time with the prospect asking a lot of questions and having a great deal of clarity about their desires so I am certain about their goals before I begin writing anything.


When I begin writing the business proposal I focus my writing on who is going to do the work and who is responsible for each task in the project.  Then I talk about what is going to be delivered or accomplished and what the costs will be to the prospect.  I also talk about where the work will be done and how the work will be done and how the goals will be accomplished and how long the project will take.  I also get into the specifics of when the project will start as well as when the project is expected to be completed and when payments are to be made.  I do a comprehensive write up about why the prospect should select my company over any other company in the market place.

Business Proposal Sample Template


To assist you further here is my outline for writing a business proposal sample template. This will come in handy the next time you are asked to write a business proposal and make the process much faster.

  1. Introduction: Introduce your company by tying into the prospect’s needs. Mention any awards, special credentials your company holds, etc.
  2. Executive Summary: Be very persuasive here selling the prospect that your company is the only company that is ideal for this project and state clearly why and how you can meet the outcomes the prospect is seeking better than any other company.
  3. Body: This is where you outline the specifics of the who, what, when, where, how and why that I discussed above. I would also be certain to include testimonials throughout this section and, of course, your pricing goes in this section as well. You should also include a link to your website and you can include social media links as well.
  4. Summary: This is where you help the prospect draw the conclusion that your company is the only logical choice for the job. Be certain to include the call to action you want the prospect to take – to call you, go to your website, sign the proposal, etc.
  5. Appendix: You can include an appendix if you have additional testimonials or charts, graphs, projections or other things that don’t fit well in the body of the proposal itself.

Before you send off the proposal read and re-read it several times to be sure you have written it clearly without jargon and have used a friendly tone of voice and have not exaggerated results and that you have stated what you can do and the results you can achieve accurately.





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