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BlogTips To Gain Facebook Followers And Engage Them

May 15, 2017

facebookfollowers 300x126 - Tips To Gain Facebook Followers And Engage Them

How To Get Facebook Followers Who Are Engaged

Do you want more facebook followers?  Do you want to engage those followers you do have?

Look at your current facebook followers as well as how engaged they are.

Do you know that if you don’t get a lot of engagement your posts will be seen less and less in the news feed?

You must not only focus on getting facebook followers, you must get those followers to engage with you.

And please don’t buy facebook followers!


Facebook uses your engagement to decide how many of your fans should see your posts. If you buy fans, most likely they won’t be engaged and won’t help and might hurt your post reach.  In fact, you most likely will have facebook show less of your current fans your posts.

Also, when you have a lot of followers with few commenting you don’t look very credible.

So, the question now becomes how to get followers on facebook?

One way is to create content for your target audiences like an article or blog post or webinar or video training and then share this content on your facebook personal page and in groups and also on your facebook page. People will see you have fresh and interesting content and will then want to engage with you. This will help you get more followers on facebook.  Be certain you also put a facebook follow button on your website and blog, too.

Use engaging content on your page.  Mix up your content with photos, questions, and videos. Then notice which posts get the most engagement and stick with those.  I also used linked articles and these seem to create a lot of engagement. I also tell my fans what call to action I want them to take for example: like this post, share this post, take this quiz, answer this question.

I have noticed added an emoji icon to my posts seems to get more attention so experiment with those as well.


Try sharing stories about what you are doing and photos of the places you are going.

Take a look at your page’s insights to see which type of content resonates most.

Contests often work well as do Facebook apps.




Also, check out your competitors who are getting a lof of engagement and imitate their strategies and model their posts.

Check out what times most of your fans are online and publish posts when they are there.

Also, put in calls to action for your fans such as: leave your comments, download my white paper, sign up for my ebook, watch this video, etc. driving them to your website, too.




I recommend you find out about your followers by asking them questions to get to know them and to allow them to engage with others.

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