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PressTodays Top Marketing Strategies For Business Success

October 6, 2015

Are You Using Todays Top Marketing Strategies?

Do you know which marketing ideas to use in your small business?  As I am mentoring business owners, and providing them with the tools & resources, marketing consulting and marketing ideas to grow their businesses, I typically discover they don’t know what marketing solutions are best to be using and are throwing their money at many different ideas and don’t know which ones are proven or which are bringing them results.

IMG 2042 260x300 - Todays Top Marketing Strategies For Business SuccessAs a Master Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Coach I love mentoring and coaching business owners and sharing marketing ideas that lead to the bank. Powerful and effective marketing is needed now more than ever due to the amount of competition flooding the marketplace in every industry. It’s a competitive world out there.  By using guerrilla marketing tactics your business can separate itself from the competition and get the attention of prospects and create profits for your business.
If you want to be certain your marketing is resulting in profits then you will want to use marketing strategy and tactics that are based on time, energy, creativity, and knowledge, which are the pillars of guerrilla marketing.  The goal of all marketing is to maximize the return on your marketing dollars and to create an investment in your company’s long-term future.

Top marketing strategies employed by guerrillas extend into every area of your business from internal to external marketing.  From your company name, the products and services you provide, how you deliver your services and products, your pricing, your business location/s, your hours, your online presence, and how you promote your business are all components of guerrilla marketing.  Even the customers you choose to work with and the design of your business cards, your logo, your letterhead and your colors on your website are all pieces of your marketing strategy that can build and maintain profitable relationships and bring you more customers.

YOU Are The Brand

As a small business owner YOU are the brand.  This means before a prospect engages you thtomarketingstrategy 300x300 - Todays Top Marketing Strategies For Business Successey are forming a relationship with you as the brand.  Your marketing and business success will depend on the not only the quality of your products and services but also on the relationships you develop.  People must trust that you are going to deliver value with your products and services.

My top marketing strategy for my consulting and mentoring clients is to provide the utmost value to their customers.  If they can’t do that I suggest they close their doors.  Everything we do in marketing that gets clients proven results has to do with building relationships with prospects and customers.  From listening to prospect and customer needs we create a Core Unique Positioning Statement which is the foundation of all our marketing.  This gives us a clear competitive advantage in the market and attracts the right prospects.  Once we know our competitive advantage we use creative marketing ideas to reach our target audiences and share our offerings.

Maybe you were hoping I was going to give you a strategy like Internet marketing or direct mail or using classified ads.  Any of these might be part of a guerrilla marketing strategy.  None is ever as important as creating top value to your prospective and current customers and sharing your Core Unique Positioning Statement.

Don’t have a Core Unique Positioning Statement?

Grab this course today and create one!


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